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Virgin Voyages is postponing the release of its trusted ship until 2023. What is the reason?


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The Virgin Voyages, which has vowed to revolutionize the cruise line, has postponed the launch of its third cruise ship, the Resilient Lady, until May 2023 after it was scheduled to launch in August.

She has to travel from Prius, Greece in the summer and San Juan in Puerto Rico in the winter.

After shutting down the aviation sector, the company directly blamed the turmoil in the travel industry that is currently affecting the aviation sector.

“There are many global challenges affecting travel, especially shipping, supply chain issues, group challenges and regional uncertainty,” he said.

“Every decision we make is based on our commitment to providing a safe and encouraging environment for both personnel and Marines, and we do not intend to involve ourselves in situations that could adversely affect the Navy’s experience or the well – being of the crew,” he said. Added.

“The challenges we face affect not only the maiden voyages, but our industry and the travel industry as a whole,” he said.

Passengers who have booked their flights have several options.

They can get a full refund in seven days or get 200% credit for future travel through Virgin Voyages over the next 12 months.

Customers will receive an additional free ride on another Virgin Voyages ship if they accept credit.

The company also offers a refund of up to $ 500 per passenger to cover any cancellation fines or canceled flights.

In a statement, the Virgin Voyages, Lady of the Resilient, said Genoa would remain at the shipyard until construction was completed.

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The ships Scarlet Lady and Valiant Lady are in service in the Caribbean and Mediterranean, respectively.

They were released during the epidemic.

“Being a brand new to launch now, we’ve achieved a lot in the past year and the future is exciting for us. The pace at which we see Scarlet and the Valiant Lady is incredible,” said CEO Tom McAlpine.

He added, “The travel sector is recovering well. We have seen a significant increase in the number of bookings and airfare this month. We are currently seeking to close our next round of funding, which sets us up for continued growth.”

The fourth ship, Brilliant Lady, is also scheduled to join the company in 2023.

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