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Vivo V29 is a phone with great imaging capabilities, high performance and innovative design.


Revealed by Vivo About the phone V29 New, the latest addition to the seriesV Elegant. In addition to the stylish design and powerful performance, the phone has advanced portrait photography capabilities. It has a telephone V29 With a dedicated portrait ring light system, it provides excellent lighting for portraits. The phone is available in a variety of stylish and modern colors, making it an attractive option for users looking for a stylish smartphone..

In addition, it has a telephone V29 With strong performance, it is ideal for users looking for a smartphone that can handle multitasking and gaming .And longer V29 A revolution in the field of smartphones, offering many advanced features and innovations designed to enhance the user experience.

Saeed Gleeb, Head of Communications and Media, Vivo Middle East said: “Vivo is always looking for ways to improve the portrait photography experience on its smartphones V29 The new feature is an updated ring light portrait feature supporting the primary camera and an improved 50-megapixel front-facing camera, in addition to its sleek design, with vision and precision autofocus, a testament to our commitment to innovation. “We want to empower our users to express themselves in their lives,” he added.

Elevate your daily life with the Portrait Ring Light

characteristic Ring light Equipped with an improved design in the form of a light ring over the previous version (15.6mm diameter), and equipped with an intelligent adjustment feature of color temperature. This helps the rear camera raise the bar for night and low-light photography, adding an eye-catching glow to subjects anywhere, anytime. Additionally, enhanced front camera features such as 50MP group selfies and group video shooting ensure that every smile is perfectly immortalized within the frame.

Your lighting designer

with advantage Ring lightThe phone continues V29 Smart at pushing the boundaries for excellence, while at the same time prioritizing the needs of the users. Realizing the importance of light in taking amazing photos, the rear camera… V29 big Ring light In the history of the series V. It has the amazing ability to create an even 3D lighting effect from every angle, eliminating facial shadows and dark areas. It offers a light emitting area nine times larger than a standard flash Aura light Soft, incandescent light similar to lighting found in professional studios. This brilliant light precisely enhances skin tone, subtly conceals imperfections, and brings out a person’s natural beauty. In addition, it allows a 36% increase in brightness compared to its predecessor vivo V29 Captures scenes with crystal clear clarity and brings them to life with greater focus and power.

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Not defined V29 Increase the visual appearance by Ring light Just. It also offers a smart color temperature adjustment feature that enables the device to adapt to different environments with different color temperatures. From nightlife cafes to vibrant neon-lit streets, he adapts V29 Easily adjusts color temperature to intelligently blend with the environment, giving users the expertise of their own lighting designer. With a single click V29, subjects in dimly lit environments are slowly illuminated, allowing them to shine through. The result is bright, clear images with a captivating atmosphere that enriches every shot.

Capture all the smiles in the photo

Enjoy group selfies with your camera V29 Enhanced with 50MP high resolution. With an extended field of view and precision autofocus, it frees images from the constraints of traditional selfies, capturing more smiles effortlessly and without distortion. From group photos to video clips V29 Users unleash their creativity and create magical memories that exude intelligence and authenticity.

Discover the beauty of the night

When it comes to night image quality, the camera V29 Advanced 50 megapixel camera OIS Ultra Sensing elevates the photography experience by increasing exposure, improving light absorption and ensuring remarkably stable images. Even in low light conditions. with V29Users can enjoy the privilege of seamless studio-quality photography without shelling out a hefty price tag.

Additionally, it contains V29 It has a moon photography mode that helps stargazers capture the brilliance of the night sky. To enhance the sky viewing experience, the astrophotography mode allows users to capture stunning photos.

But this is not all. For video enthusiasts, the Ultra Steady Video feature, backed by optical and electronic stabilization, ensures very stable and clear shots of different scenes. By performing 1,000 clamping operations and 10,000 clamping movements per second, the vibration problem is greatly reduced. You don’t have to worry about low light, camera noise or shaky footage. Get ready to create mesmerizing vlogs with cinematic magic. It is powerfully supported by the best night scene algorithms and powerful stabilization capabilities, all of which effectively solve common problems when shooting videos in low light.

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An all-in-one video content creator for your everyday snapshots

designed V29 To help users become better at vlogging and creating social media content. He presents Vlog Movie Creator Comprehensive video creation experience with multiple built-in templates and a professional editing assistant, eliminating the need for separate editing applications.

Redefine excellence in timeless style

Colors V29 Luxurious and elegant, the red velvet color is a symbol of luxury, reminiscent of the finest silks reserved only for those seeking the best quality. Also, thanks to fluoride glass Ag Unique color change and nanoscale photo engraving technology. The red velvet color is photochromic and changes color under UV light, making it attractive and beautiful.

The classic black color exudes elegance, refined quality and a subtle shine, thanks to nanoscale photo-etching technology, which provides durability and stain resistance.

Series clear screen V Until now

Has a phone V29 smile AMOLED It has a frequency of 120 Hz and a resolution of 1.5K 6.78 inches, 3D curved. And thanks to the amazing resolution of 1.5K And with a very high pixel density of 452 ppi, every detail comes to life with stunning precision. Users are immersed in a captivating visual experience when the phone is displayed V29 Number of colors 1.07 Billions of colors and color combinations DCI-P3 Cinematic quality. In addition, it gives V29 Priority Eye Health and holds three professional grade eye care certifications SGSThis confirms our commitment to vision health.

Unrivaled performance

designed V29 To provide a smooth and powerful user experience. It is equipped with a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon® 778GIt ensures better performance and smooth connection to the network 5G. With a memory booster (12GB RAM + 8GB extended RAM), the device offers ample storage space and powerful OS support. This includes V29 Also a bio-vapor cooling chamber system VC Bionic This enables the device to unleash superior performance in a variety of situations – be it intense gaming sessions or cinematic experiences. Additionally, a charger is allowed Flashcharge 80W capacity and 4600mAh battery (typical) with fast and safe charging, allowing the phone to charge from 1% to 50% in 18 minutes.

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Also, it offers a telephone V29 Water and dust resistant with safety grade IP54 Under normal use. In more than 60 reliability tests, it shows V29 Exceptional performance.

In general, with its excellent specifications and features, it delivers V29 A compelling and reasonable choice for users looking for a high-performance smartphone.

Price and availability

Telephone is available V29 ((8+12) + 256) Price 1599 Dirhams V29((8+12) + 512) Price 1799 Dirhams.

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