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Volcano erupts on the Spanish island of La Palma (video)


A volcano erupted today on the Spanish island of La Palma, causing violent eruptions in the southern municipality of El Paso, according to the Spanish newspaper El Pais..

According to the newspaper, the volcano released rock fragments and burning volcanoes into the air, in addition to large amounts of brown and white smoke..

A large gray cloud is visible on the island where the Gumbre Vija volcano is located.

The eruption took place in an uninhabited area of ​​the island, according to the Canaris 7 television channel, citing Angel Victor Torres, regional head of the Canary Islands government..

The volcano was expected to erupt after thousands of earthquakes in the past few days.

Besides, in some places the earth’s crust is slightly elevated, indicating that molten rock has accumulated under the Gumbar Vega..

Initially there was no talk of evictions because the authorities wanted to wait for further improvements first, and only the elderly and disabled were transferred to safer places..

Earlier this week, authorities on a small island with a population of about 83,000 asked citizens in the south to pack their belongings, mobile phones, important documents and any medicine they needed. Area.

The last eruption of La Palma occurred in October 1971, more than three weeks after a rift appeared in the south of the island, when the Dikoya volcano erupted..

La Palma is not a popular tourist destination, unlike the famous islands of Gran Canaria, Fர்டrdeventura, Lanzarote and Tenerife..

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