March 29, 2023

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فالدانو برشلونة اختار الرجل المناسب وفينيسيوس قدم دروسا للجميع

Voltano: Barcelona chose the right man, Vinicius taught everyone lessons

Javier Hernandez, who will begin his career as Barcelona coach next Saturday in the derby against Espanyol in La Liga, has been confirmed by former player and coach Jorge Valdano as the “most suitable man” to lead the Catalan team, but first it is necessary. Find out if he achieved that task “on time” or not.

Valdano said: “Every club has its advantages, and Barcelona are one of the few clubs that have to rely on an idea to get it up. The idea is to serve, that is, he is right for the job. Not only that.

Argentina coach Javier Barcelona has confirmed that he will face “a lot of obstacles” during his challenge as captain, noting that “the presence of many young players or very experienced players, as well as an important economic scenario will be”. He was not allowed to enter the exchange market. “

However he acknowledged that there was a “big advantage” in Xavi’s representation of the idea that Barca could follow.

According to Eternal rivals Real Madrid, Voltano, who previously played for him as a technical director and sports director, paid special tribute to Brazilian striker Vinicius Jr., who has scored nine goals this season. Playing in 7 of 16 matches between La Liga and the Champions League, to give the football world a lesson.

Valdano said: “One of these lessons is for professionals and not just for young players who want to become footballers in the future: you can continue to learn when you reach a higher level. The second lesson is that you can. Learn everything, even when it comes to improving your numbers as a goal scorer.

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He added, “The third lesson is to nurture Vinicius to his level of play, he is a decisive and courageous player, a player who makes mistakes and then continues to make his way, the skill we make. Achieving everything is not always enough, it takes effort, but Absolutely psychological virtue, which is decision making.

Valdano also spoke about the transfer of Argentina’s Lionel Messi to the Paris Saint-Germain squad, insisting that his first months with the team were “still in the adaptation phase”, but that “he is still the genius we know”. The following year, he will play his country’s Argentina national team in the World Cup in Qatar with the challenge of “continuing his close association with football”.

He concluded: “I think the World Cup will be updated every time, the Argentine national team has been looking forward to what comes after winning the Copa America title for a long time, and we saw him cry. Very good for the benefit and health of football. This is very important to him. “