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“W Capital”: 65 thousand real estate investors in Dubai by 2023


Real estate expert Walid Al Jaroni, chairman of the board of directors of Dubai-based real estate brokerage W Capital, expects the emirate of Dubai to see a renaissance in the real estate sector, benefiting more than 65,000 people. Received Golden Citizenship in UAE.
Al Jaroni revealed that gold card holders are almost always investors for real estate in Dubai, and each of these investors is looking to buy a property for himself and his family. Many sectors like consumerism and education.
The goal of the Emirates Golden Residency Visa, like other types of visas and residencies in the Emirates, is to attract independent entrepreneurs and business visions, promote the local economy, support diversity and economic growth, and attract exceptional minds, Al Zarouni said. Because this move will work.Enhancing the UAE’s position as a global incubator for innovation and talent.

Consolidated share
Al Jaroni stressed that the golden residence in the UAE and the residency permit for retirees play an integral role in attracting more investment in the real estate market in Dubai, as it provides a strong reason to invest in the country, and also provides a feeling to its residents. It promises to make the UAE a second home for many global innovators and influencers. Hence, it is one of the important tributaries feeding the real estate sector.

Al Zarooni said Dubai is keen to boost its population growth through various measures and attract more financially efficient and capable investors, which will have a positive impact on the real estate sector in the medium term and increase demand for luxury homes. , and Dubai aims to increase its population to 5.8 million people by 2018. 2040.

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He noted that there is a high demand for golden residency visa programs in the UAE, and the residency program has recently expanded to accept visa applicants from entrepreneurship, science, healthcare and other fields.
The Gold Visa system offers a variety of long-term residency visas in the UAE, up to five years or ten years. Switch to buying property because, for example, renting an apartment or villa in Dubai for 10 years is close to the cost of owning it when calculating the total value of the rent paid. The unit itself, so buying the unit is preferable, it is a good investment and can be redeemed at any time.

New facilities
The chairman of the board of directors of “W Capital” real estate brokerage said that investors have a stake in new facilities in acquiring a golden residence; They can get it on the full ownership of a property worth not less than 2 million dirhams and also have the advantage of getting golden citizenship when buying the property with a loan from a certain banking group in the Emirates. A feature has been introduced to obtain a golden residence when purchasing real estate from the Real Estate Investor Map, provided the value is not less than two million dirhams from approved local companies.
According to international reports, Dubai is expected to attract a large share of the citizenship market through global investment, which is expected to reach $100 billion by 2025.
A residence visa by investment provides talent coming to the UAE with residential, work and study opportunities, while enjoying the exclusive benefits the country has to offer.
Benefits of a renewable long-term resident visa include the ability to stay outside the UAE for more than six months without invalidating the resident visa, working in the country without the need for an employment sponsor, and granting residence permits to family members and domestic helpers. , as well as allowing family members to stay in the UAE for the entire duration. Validity of residence of Gold Resident Visa holder in case of death.

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