April 1, 2023

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"Wagner" elements in the hands of extremists in Mali ... Pressure card or promotion?

“Wagner” elements in the hands of extremists in Mali … Pressure card or promotion?

Insurgents have arrested members of the Nusrat al-Islam wal-Muslim militant group in the first week of April, according to a statement issued by the rebels.WagnerIn the central highlands of Sequoia Finance.

Since the beginning of this year, many European countries have denounced the existence of “Wagner” mercenaries, whose numbers are estimated at about 1,000, and they are fighting with Mali soldiers.

Russian mercenaries are accused of killing about 300 civilians in the central city of Mora, and burying their bodies near a military base in Kochi in an attempt to charge them. French military forces In humility.

For his part, the ruling military junta in Mali has denied that Wagner’s forces in the African country took part in the fighting, saying they would instead train Mali soldiers in the framework of cooperation between Mali and Russia, the Associated Press reported.

In turn, Baba Dagono, a researcher at the Citizen Monitor for Governance and Security in Mali, said the abduction (JNIM) could have been postponed so that Wagner could be relocated to a safer location before the war. Negotiations.

He added, “When you are arrested, Armed groups Like JNIM, these types of individuals are generally ready to negotiate their release with Malian and their country officials. In many cases, prisoners are released in exchange for their release and ransom.

However, Tacuno warned that “when these talks fail, the hostages will be hanged and their executions will be displayed, which could be used as a media campaign for the kidnappers.”