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Wallheim explains the revision situation


Iron Door has made its position clear Wallheim Edit and shed some light on a topic discussed by many players. Wallheim Enthusiasts have sunk many hours into the game, and some have even created custom add-ons Players experiment to improve or change what they can and cannot do. Now, they know how developers feel about it.

Wallheim It was launched in early 2021 and since then, it has attracted many gamers with its graphic style, fun gameplay and engaging building mechanics. This game was developed by Iron Gate Studio a long time ago. Wallheim It was added to Xbox Game Pass, allowing Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S gamers to still enjoy the title that gathers over twenty thousand players on Steam each month. Some gaming communities are known for allowing talented individuals to put their creativity to the test, share it with other players, and sometimes get compensated for it.

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On May 29 WallheimThe game developers released an official statement regarding their status on mods on the game’s official Steam page, which clarifies things for all players who are curious about their opinions. According to the development team, they appreciate the effort players put into creating their content. However, they do not provide official game support, which means that Iron Gate does not guarantee that mods will work with future versions of the game and players use and create mods at their own risk. The players created a lot Wallheim Changes were made in the past, so the developers will have to wait for the community’s response to this latest report.

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WallheimGame developers also touched on two topics related to paid mods and clarity about game mods. According to the developers, they don’t condone locking modified content behind a paywall. Wallheim Modded content should be free for all players because it goes against the spirit of creativity and modding. Iron Gate is against free-to-play copies of mods for developers and locking content from paywalls.

Iron Gate wants developers to make it clear that their mods are not official, as many mod servers force players to download mods automatically upon joining the server. Iron Gate wants to avoid confusing players who are wondering whether they are playing the official or mod version of the game. Wallheim It has a feature that triggers a pop-up in the game, letting players know that the game is working through the mod. Game modifications allow players to customize the experience in new and interesting ways, and many of them want to express and share their creativity with the community. Now Wallheim Template developers know what the development studio thinks of their work.

Wallheim Available now on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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