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Warning before turning | Mohammed Ibrahim Desokhi


days, and the work of the third semester, the last knowledge station of the current academic year 2022-2023, begins.
Public and private schools in the country, which implement the curriculum of the Ministry of Education, will resume studies in the Ramadan shift, which reduces the time of classes, in the remaining days of the holy month, with the approval of Friday hours, attendance for all, from Monday to Thursday, 4 and a half hours for students. , 5 and half hours for teachers and agencies, working hours may be reduced according to school level.
The third semester is the shortest semester of the current academic year as the school days do not exceed 38 days. However, it still retains its importance and influence in the educational process of students. Through its results, transfer and promotion processes of learners take place from one class to another and from one stage of study to another.
Expectations lead us to a high rate of student absences in the first three days of school, as the Eid holiday is only about 3 days back. For the new semester, hand over the textbooks, which calls for a heightened level of preparedness among schools and departments.
Despite the short days of the last phase of the academic year, the responsibilities in it are increasing, which creates procedures for the implementation of projects to explain the prescribed curricula, and qualify students for the final exam, tasks that do not accept passivity or argument.
The responsibility of the teachers to manage the syllabus and prepare all kinds of examinations is huge in this chapter. What the teacher needs during that period is adequate flexibility from school administrations and active cooperation of students and parents to enable him to perform his duties and responsibilities.
We hope that the authorities overseeing education will consider the time factor needed by the academic community to accommodate all developments and understand their paths, and not surprise academia with new results or confusion. Quality of use and achievement of goals.
Commitment is an essential pillar for the success of any work. The department here in its various forms requires increasing commitment and responding to all instructions, especially the responsibility of guiding their children and ensuring their commitment. Based on attendance or study and preparation for year-end examinations.
Considering the level of awareness in the field and the aspirations of all groups for a happy end to the current academic year, we wish everyone success and excellence and welcome back the students and institutes in new knowledge. Our children are the center of attraction of knowledge and knowledge.
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