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Warning peace in Sudan and the meeting between al-Burhan and Hamdok


Asma Al-Husseini (Cairo-Khartoum)

There was alarming calm and anticipation on Sudan Street yesterday. Between the civil and military elements, and between the two factions of the “freedom and change” forces, political government will be embedded.
Sudanese Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok met with Lt. Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, Chairman of the Sudan Sovereign Council, to resolve the latest political developments and the current political crisis, in the presence of the Vice-Chairman of the Sovereign Council, Lt. Gen. Mohammed Hamdan Daglo (Hemati) and Council members And Lieutenant General Ibrahim Jafar.
The Sudanese Prime Minister, who visited Sudan yesterday, congratulated citizens in all Sudanese cities, rural areas and diaspora countries on their commitment to democratic change and adherence to the slogans of the Sudanese revolution.
Meanwhile, supporters of the National Charter, which broke away from the forces of freedom and change, continued to sit in front of the Republican Palace in Khartoum for the eighth day in a row, and a crowd of protesters prayed Friday. Jibril Ibrahim, leader of the Justice and Equality Movement, and their leaders, including Finance Minister Mina Arko Minawi, leader of the Sudan Liberation Movement and governor of the Darfur region. Al-Fadil Ibrahim, the leader of the Sudan Liberation Movement, said their sit-in in front of the Republican Palace would not end if their demands for the overthrow of the four parties controlling the government were not met.
Meanwhile, the leaders of the “forces of freedom and change” considered yesterday’s massive demonstrations in the states of Khartoum and Sudan to be their greatest victory, and reaffirmed the Sudanese people’s support for civilian rule and democratic change.
A member of the Sovereign Council, Siddiqui Tower told al-Ittihad: The Sudanese people’s protests are an excellent lesson in ensuring that the wheel of time does not turn and that the people are strong and the needs are inevitable. The Middle Ages will be complete and uncompromising.
For his part, Sudanese Transport Minister Mirgani Musa told al-Etihad: The Sudanese people are the decision makers, the sole guarantor of the revolution, and they are committed to its demands. Intermediate phase and reform of government institutions.
For his part, he called on the leader of the Ummah party, Salah Jalal, to sit down with Minawi and Jibril Ibrahim and bring the forces of freedom and change together to return to talks.
Meanwhile, the United Nations pledged to continue supporting the interim authority in Sudan for the success of the democratic transition process. Proving themselves in a peaceful and independent environment, Sudan will continue to provide support to the interim authorities. Achieve democratic change.
In addition, the Sudanese army sent military reinforcements to the al-Bashka border area with Ethiopia. The Sudanese Armed Forces said in a statement yesterday that “reinforcements are coming to al-Fashka to ensure the end of the agricultural season.”

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