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Warning to iPhone and Android users.. 3 Fatal Errors That Destroy Your Battery


Smartphone batteries are often a headache for many people, especially when they are out and about, and a common complaint is that the battery drains quickly because they have to wait too long for their phone’s battery to charge.

This problem can be worsened by many mistakes we make, an expert revealed, “Given Sharon”, head of a backmarket company specializing in updating devices, told the “Daily Mail” some common and dangerous mistakes that can destroy the battery.

Mistakes most users make in draining phone batteries

1- Leave phones to charge overnight

Sharon said that keeping phones connected to the charger for long periods of time or leaving them below 10% battery life reduces battery life, and phones should be charged between 20-80%.

While it may seem like a tricky thing to do, many phones come with settings to improve charging, says Sharon. iPhones, for example, have features that delay charging past 80% by using machine learning to learn your daily routine. Timely battery charging is optimal.

To enable this feature, on phones running iOS 13 and later, go to iPhone Settings > Battery > Battery Health & Charging and select Optimized Battery Charging. This setting will automatically reduce wear and tear on your battery and improve its life.

To achieve this on Android phones, Sharon says: You can check your battery health by going to Settings, then selecting Battery and Battery Usage. Next, under “Manage battery usage,” tap “Optimize” to help extend battery life automatically.

2- Not cleaning the charging port properly

Dirt and dust are one of the biggest enemies to a battery’s peak performance, as dust accumulates in the charging ports, causing the phone to overheat or stop charging, causing long-term damage.

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To combat this, Sharon recommends using “a toothpick and a damp cloth to clean the charging port,” and says, “The first thing you should do before cleaning your phone is turn it off and then shine a light on yourself. It depends on how much dust you’re dealing with. Phone to view.

3- Leave phones in direct sunlight

Another problem is that leaving your phone in direct sunlight can drain the battery and reduce its performance. “It’s best to keep your phone away from high temperatures, below 0°C or above 35°C, both of which can be harmful,” says Sharon. Don’t let go.

He also asserts, “If your phone’s internal temperature exceeds its normal operating range, you may notice the screen dims or goes completely black, or the camera flash is disabled. You may also get a ‘charging pending’ notification. Or get a temperature alert.”

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