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Warzone Tram mocks the player after destroying their match


A fan Call of Duty: Warzone After a recent match took a turn for the worse after his unfortunate entry into the popular Battle Royale title with a trash-taking tram, he shared a hilarious clip of the unexpected ending online. Earlier this month, some players of Infinity Ward and Raven Software expressed their frustration with the shooter game. Call of dutyThe Vondel replacement also seems frustrating now that many of the July 4 pack weapons look like minor tweaks to existing ones.

Two years after the launch of its popular predecessor, Call of Duty: Warzone 2 This is Activision’s latest entry into the crowded battle royale market. Although it got off to a bumpy start due to some unpopular gameplay changes and several bugs, a steady stream of updates and patches helped the game run smoothly. War zoneIts rough edges make the shooter more enjoyable for gamers. It was recently simply renamed Call of Duty: WarzoneAnd The Battle Royale sequel will soon see the arrival of new players from the original release War zone Ends on September 21.

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In a new post on r/CODWarzone, one unfortunate player shared a funny clip of his disastrous encounter with a dram. Call of Duty: WarzoneNew Vondel map. The clip begins with Redditor Weird Pundit and a fellow Redditor flying a helicopter near Vondel Market to retrieve a gear drop. Without checking to see if the drop zone was clear, the duo inadvertently touched the path of the oncoming tram directly. In an instant, the scene turns chaotic as the eccentric pundit’s partner is destroyed by the tram, which then rams the loading drop towards the helicopter, killing them both. To make matters worse, the robot streetcar announcer cheerfully tells the curious pundit, “We hope you had an enjoyable experience!” As the clip comes to a hilarious conclusion.

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Redditors responded to the quirky pundit’s hilarious video post, with one replying, “You just made my night.” Another Redditor responded that the encounter reminded them of the original Call of Duty: WarzoneAn equally unstoppable farm train. Many other answers point out that the trash-talking tram is the cherry on top of the funniest section. BizarreBandit’s choice of music was also well received, with many responses approving the use of rapper Aesop’s rock song in the background.

While this particular round didn’t end well for the quirky pundit, luckily they were able to capture the entire hilarious incident on camera. At the very least, running away with the caretaker tram is a better way to end the game than getting killed by a crippled helicopter in the middle of it. Call of Duty: WarzoneThis happened to another player recently.

Call of Duty: Warzone Available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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