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We are 2.5 km away from taking control of Bakmut.. Ukraine indicates that the war will be resolved soon.


Wagner’s founder with his troops – AFP

Russia and Ukraine

Ukrainian Defense Minister: Kiev’s partners are reluctant to provide long-range missiles in its ongoing war with Russia

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Continue Fierce fighting on Russian-Ukrainian frontsToday, Saturday, said the founder of the Russian private military company “Wagner”. Evgeny PrigogineOn Saturday, Russian forces are only 2.5 kilometers away from full control of Bagmut (Artyomovsk), as reported by “TASS” news agency.

He said that the Ukrainian forces were well equipped with weapons in Pakmut and the marches appeared for them, the Ukrainian forces send 400-600 men to Artyomovsk every day and lose the same number.

Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said today that his country’s partners are reluctant to provide long-range missiles in its war with Russia, which has been going on for more than a year, for fear of an escalation. situation.

Each time Kiev receives weapons from abroad, Reznikov said in reports published by the Ukrainian News Agency, “it tries to convince its partners that the use of these weapons to liberate territories will be limited to security and self-defense purposes.” “Russia is in control and not targeting Russian lands.

Before that, he declared Prigogine Wagner units still have some capacity to advance on Artyomovsk (Pakhmud).

‘Severe shortage of bombs’

Prigozhin said as his media office announced via Telegram: “Despite the lack of heavy shells, the units of the Russian private military company Wagner today advanced 170 meters in different directions and captured 59.5 thousand square meters of the city.”

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He added, “The enemy still controls 2.52 square kilometers,” noting that his forces still have the ability to advance on Pakmut until the end of May 9.

Prigozhin had previously said that the “Wagner” divisions would remain in their positions in Bagmut until May 9, and then “go to rear camps” to “heal wounds” and avoid losses of fighters.

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On Friday, the head of Russia’s Wagner group, the Russian military’s chief of staff, took responsibility for “tens of thousands of dead and wounded” Russians in Ukraine.

Ukraine: We are nearing the end

It comes as Ukraine’s deputy defense minister warned that Russia was planning to take control of Baghmut by Wagner militias on May 9, coinciding with Russia’s annual Victory Day celebrations.

For his part, Yuri Zak, adviser to the Ukrainian Defense Minister, told Al Arabiya that the escalation of conflict between Wagner and the Russian Defense Ministry was due to his inability to control Pakmut, pointing to heavy losses incurred by Wagner. The Russian Army and the approaching control of Pakmut.

Friday saw a continuation of Russian special forces operations in Ukraine, as the Russian military tries to extend control over Ukrainian territories, while Kiev tries to counter Russian forces and reclaim its lands with military and logistical support from the West.

Ukraine’s capital Kiev and several other cities have issued air warnings in anticipation of Russian airstrikes, as the number of air warnings has sharply increased in recent days. In the past three days, it has issued six alerts warning of Russian attacks.

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For his part, Russian President Vladimir Putin, in a meeting with members of the National Security Council, discussed the progress of preparations for the Victory Day celebrations associated with next May ninth.

Despite being described as an attempt by Ukraine to assassinate the Russian president through an attack on one of the buildings of the Kremlin’s presidential complex, this year’s parade will go ahead as planned, RIA Novosti reported, citing the Kremlin.

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