May 27, 2022

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We are thinking about the golden square after reconciliation in the future .. and the truth of the offers made to me

We are thinking about the golden square after reconciliation in the future .. and the truth of the offers made to me

Belbaladi Ahmad Refat – Khalid Abdel Fattah – Photos from the Future Account

Future player Ahmed Refat spoke about the team’s latest performance in the league and his best season picks and the offers offered to him in the transfer market.

Refot scored a goal in Future’s 4-0 win over Smoha in the 13th round of the Egyptian League.

Ahmed Rafat told Al-Hayat Channel: “We need time for reconciliation.

He added, “We have won 4 matches in the League Cup and we have started to get along well since then.”

He continued, “The Golden Square under the leadership of Ali Maher, the players’ game, we joined fast, the goal is not far away, we strive hard for it, despite each team, focused on winning every match. We aim to compete. “

He explained which version was best for him in the league He said: “Last season was very strong for me and the Egyptians helped me. The current season is a great start for me and it would be great if we qualify for one of the African Championships next season.”

And about the Egyptian national team “I will be part of the national team for the last African Cup of Nations and I hope to be there at any time to play in the national team shirt.”

He continued, “The national team was keen to go to the future camp and follow me and talk to me to present the best form, but I do not know what the results will be in the end.”

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He responded to the offers made to him:“There is currently no official offer from any club to sign me. I will continue to sign a contract with Future, the club will decide.”

He concluded, “I received offers from Saudi Arabia and another country last January, and I understand the conclusion that Future is not out.”

Future defeated Eastern Company 4-1 in the fourth round.

A win lifted the Future rankings two places to fifth with 19 points.

After suffering their second defeat in the league this season, Smoha’s draw finished fourth with 23 points.

Nasser Maher’s hat-trick was his first hat-trick in the league of his entire life, and his first hat-trick of the current league season.

For the first time, Ahmed Sami lost to Ali Maher because he drew twice in the league and won twice.

For the fourth time, after appearing al-Nujum and the Pyramids in the 2018-19 season and al-Ahly last season, Smoha faces the biggest loss in its history at 4-0 in the league.

This is the third time Smoha has scored 4 goals in a match, after Alexandria’s Al Ittihad 4-4 and Al-Ahly 4-1.

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