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“We’re all Eliza” swept Twitter after a cryptic tweet


Lebanese star Eliza (Archive)

Wednesday, April 26, 2023 / 09:54

Lebanese star Eliza raised the concern and anger of her audience after a mysterious tweet through her Twitter account, in which she hinted that she could face a crisis without revealing it, which left followers speculating and doubting. The new album was expected to be released during the blessed Eid al-Fitr season of 2023.

Eliza tweeted, “Even if I have to stand against the whole world, I will stand tall and I know God is on my side.” At the time, he failed to release a video clip, “I’m Swinging. The Beat” that raised a firestorm of timely questions. Especially since Elisa faced a legal crisis with a company over the distribution of the album, she had to terminate her contract with the company before announcing her contract with Rotana. At the time of contracting with other companies, the company cautioned Elisa until the legal crisis between them was resolved.

Amidst speculation about Eliza’s album release being postponed again, after a series of long delays since the summer of last year, viewers have showered the Lebanese star with love and support, standing by her in her undisclosed crisis. He ran into problems with Rotana after the latter canceled a promotional campaign for his new single, “I’m Rockin’ a Beatle,” before returning.
Eliza’s fans and followers launched a massive solidarity campaign during which they expressed their love and support for their favorite star, stressing that her mental and physical health is more important than any album. This is March’s 13th album. ElizaHe is making a comeback in 2020 after 3 years since his last album “Sahiba Rai”.
Some in the audience expected the matter to be related to Eliza’s problems in court with Ziyad Burji due to the song “I Was Boss”, which defeated Burji and poet Ahmed Madi after the Lebanese judiciary issued a ruling. Stop broadcasting the song “Baadir” and prevent it from being performed in concerts due to Burji’s trespass. All artistic and literary rights to the song belong to Eliza.
Despite the speculation, Elisa is yet to reveal what the real crisis is that she is facing and tweeted: “I know how much you love me, I can feel the love in your tweets, you are my only support. And tweeting isn’t all about you, I know you’ll be there for me in whatever decision I make!! I Love You”, without revealing the fate of her mysteriously anticipated album or the reasons for the mysterious and confusing tweets.

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