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Scientists have figured out why the blood of a shooting victim doesn’t reach the shooter


The killer and the murdered actress, and between them there is a drawing of rings that return the victim’s blood.

Scientific research hopes to find out in the future whether a person committed suicide or someone else killed them.

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Murdered 40-year-old American actress and model Lana Clarkson’s blood escaped her face, but the assailant inserted the barrel of his gun into her mouth and fired a bullet that left her “in a heap” on February 3, 2003. A dead body on the floor. However, her killer, the late 81-year-old musician and composer Bill Spector, was clean two years ago in his prison, and only a few drops of her blood reached him. Centimeters away from her.

That crime, which shook American society and others more than two decades ago, has always puzzled researchers for an answer to an important question that criminologists ask in most cases, because they have many mysteries: Why do we not see blood from the dead or wounded? On the criminal, even if it is near him when he is ready? Is he dead?

The defense tried to claim that he had committed suicide

Ten years have passed without a clear and adequate answer to the question, except that a group of American scientists came to the field and found what was needed through scientific research published by several American media outlets, such as Al Arabiya. .net found a paper published in the current issue of the American Journal of Physics, which explains why actress Lana Clarkson’s killer was relatively clean of her blood after killing her.

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And investigators found only “18 small spots of her blood on her jacket,” which the defense team for “Bill Spector” repeated in hearings that “had he been near her at the time, there would have been more blood.” Her Death,” prompts the group that she may have ended her life by suicide, and when the record producer finds her dead on the floor, he reaches out to help her so he can get some of her blood on his clothes. .

Although he was convicted of murder in late 2009, his sentence of 19 years in prison was reduced because the trial ended with a partially hung jury, with forensic experts unable to explain the absence of blood spatter on Spector’s clothing. Many of them explained her that she “passed him or turned back,” that is, toward the dead woman

Soaked in pig’s blood

According to the research scientists have now produced, experiments have shown that when fired, the bullet creates a rotating ring of air and gases that circulate between the victim and the shooter like a whirling tornado. “The bullet repels its bloody spray and emerges in a cone-shaped mist,” according to Professor Alexander Yarin, an expert in fluid dynamics and professor at the University of Illinois, USA, the author of the study.

As can be seen from the left side of the picture, the blood comes out after the bullet hits and splits into two parts with a gap between them, as a result of the force of the bullet’s release, it does not reach the shooter but instead scatters left and right.

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One of the experiments the team conducted involved firing bullets through sponges soaked in pigs’ blood and filming the spray from the sponge, which played the role of the victim, on white paper, at high speed and high resolution. The researchers found that the wound that results from a gunshot wound sprays blood. Initially, many water droplets fly into the air, resulting in larger water droplets being torn into smaller ones. Firing the bullet, and collapsing them into two separate splits, as shown in the image above.

Video footage after the ordeal showed the spinning rings pushing blood droplets away from the shooter, or pushing them toward the victim, many of which landed on the ground between them and the shooter. However, Al-Arabiya.net has not found any video produced by the press or the scientific team in this regard, but the scientific team is now planning to study whether the scattering of brain tissue follows a similar pattern. Help us know in future if he killed himself or someone else killed him.

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