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What does the success of the Ukrainian counteroffensive mean for Russia?


For the past months, military analysts around the world have been keen to talk about the Ukrainian counteroffensive, for which Ukrainian forces have been intensively training and arming, one of the few military campaigns announced long before its implementation.

Published by Ishaan Tharoor, as analyzed by the author The Washington PostMajor operations are currently taking place on at least three main fronts on the Ukrainian front.

The three prongs extend east around Pakmut and toward occupied Luhansk, southeast into the Donetsk region, and south toward the Sea of ​​Azov in the Russian-held Zaporozhye region.

What is an attack on both sides?

Russia has heavily fortified its southern flank towards the Sea of ​​Azov because “a Ukrainian victory would be strategically disastrous for the Kremlin,” says Tharoor.

He cites military analysts as saying that the region’s flat topography makes it a potential focal point for a counterattack.

Tharoor says that “by cutting off the road in this area, Kiev could cut off the land bridge between mainland Russia and the Crimean peninsula,” which would cut Russian supply lines between east and west.

“The region’s location in the center of the front line, where any attack could trap a large number of Russian forces in an area in the western part of Kherson province,” he pointed out. If Ukraine can attack the bridge over the Kerch Strait again.”

Ukraine and its allies hope its heavily armed Western-trained forces can break Russia’s coordination lines.

However, Tharoor cites experts as saying that the blitzkrieg that defeated Russian forces in Kharkiv will be closer to the battlefields that took place before Ukraine liberated Kherson.

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Tharoor quotes experts as saying that Kiev’s ultimate goal is a leadership position to replace and counter the Kremlin.

Russian interior

According to the author, the Ukrainian counteroffensive adds more pressure on the Kremlin.

And the “Russian special operation” turned from a war the Kremlin wanted quickly and with great results into a long and costly war that deepened Russia’s international isolation and launched broader international solidarity against it.

Experts tell the author that if Russia loses access to Crimea, it will be a very serious blow to Putin.

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