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What does the Tunisian street expect from the new local councilors?


On Sunday evening, polling stations were closed for the first time in the country's history after Tunisians finished voting in elections held in 2,155 districts.

Belkacem Ayachi, a member of the Supreme Election Commission, said on Sunday that the second round of local council elections will be held in mid-February.

Al-Ayashi indicated that the authority will announce the final results of the first round of elections for local councils by the end of January 2024.

He explained that candidates who did not secure a majority in Sunday's voting will participate in the second round of local council elections in mid-February.

How does the Tunisian street view the local elections?

Tunisian researcher and journalist Ayman al-Jamali told Sky News Arabia that the accumulation of institutions in Tunisia, recognized by the 2022 constitution, continues according to new approaches, which cut off the control of the Brotherhood movement, its followers and its allies in Tunisia. For a decade, it left the country economically, socially and security exhausted.

Al-Jamali added: “On Sunday, Tunisians went to the polls to elect local councils. These councils include members of the National Regions and the Council of Regions, which represent Tunisia's second parliamentary chamber, according to an approach that empowers the marginalized. And has fewer voices and representatives in the second legislative chamber that debates laws. Lucky parts.” All related to development and financial law issues.”

Regarding the priorities in the work agenda of the local councils, Jamali says: “Tunisians are waiting for the local councils to commit themselves to create visions that translate local demands and connect the deanships and representatives representing the smallest regional division of the country. Especially those who suffer from high unemployment rates, lack of job opportunities and lack of development facilities. ” “And fortunate in their growth.”

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Al-Jamali continued: “The philosophy behind the establishment of these councils is aimed at centralizing local governments in seeking solutions from their core, not superficial solutions that experience has proven ignore reality and the concrete demands of citizens.”

As this is the first experience of electing local councils in Tunisia, Al-Jamali believes that the low turnout rates at the polling stations indicate that citizens are not representing the importance of these local councils. In the previous decade, Tunisia had suffered from public office being viewed as personal and partisan corruption, costing the country huge losses from public Tunisian participation in public affairs, and spreading a corruption epidemic that was destroying all facilities and areas. , and local and central government.

Broader beliefs

Hazem Al-Kasouri, an expert in political affairs and head of the Free Tunisia Forum, considered that local elections are a sign of participation and direct democracy, which will be a real lever for comprehensive development throughout the country and a translation of demands. The Tunisian People from the Nineteenth Century to the Present.

“The Black Decade revealed their dependence on foreign affairs and their workers, and the revisionist movement undertaken by President Qais Said aimed to restore power to the Tunisian people and support their work and dignity, their sovereignty over their wealth, and their sovereign decision.”

Al-Khasuri emphasized that his country is “entering an important phase by consolidating the democratic framework established by the 2022 constitution and completing its constitutional institutions.”

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