June 3, 2023

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ايه الفرق بين نظام تشغيل أندرويد أوتو ونظام CarPlay من أبل؟

What is the difference between Android Auto and Apple CarPlay?

Google has released a new update to the Google Assistant system on car screens, ending the era of the Android Auto application, which is known as the way to access your phone through the car dashboard, and it allows you to easily access Google Maps, music and data applications without having to use your phone.

But for years, Google has been providing an Android Auto experience directly on the phone, for those who do not have a compatible console, here is a comparison showing the difference between Android Auto and Apple CarPlay:

Android Auto:

It is a mobile application developed by Google to reflect compatible information on the car’s dashboard and entertainment unit from an Android device such as a smartphone. Application support applications include GPS mapping / navigation, music playback, SMS, phone and web search. The system supports both touch screens and button-controlled head units, although hands-free functionality is promoted by voice commands to reduce driver distraction.

Android Auto is part of the Open Automotive Alliance, announced on June 25, 2014, as a joint venture between 28 car manufacturers and Nvidia Technology Supplier. It is available in 36 countries.


This is a type of iOS car developed by Apple because it helps CarPlay find the right way, exchange calls, send messages, listen to music, use Siri directly from the car dashboard, and connect the CarPlay iPhone to the car dashboard using cables or Bluetooth.

Apple CarPlay works with Apple iPhone 5 and later phones, and Apple CarPlay has a large, scrolling screen that looks like an iPhone interface with maps, music, phone, news, podcasts, now playing, and many more apps available. The design of the voice and applications are very simple. Easy to use without folders or submenus so users can get all its applications in one or two clicks.

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CarPlay uses Apple Maps integrated with Siri voice commands, and the computer directs users where they want to go, or they can enter a destination address using the Finder button. The system provides better navigation for users, however, it does not provide many details like Google Maps.