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إيه الفرق بين وضع GPT و MBR عند تقسيم الهارد ديسك؟

What is the difference between GPD and MBR mode when splitting the hard disk?

When sharing a computer’s hard disk, especially when installing Windows 10, the user asks if they want to use MBR or GPT to partition the computer’s hard drive, as MBR and GPT are drives to store partition information in two ways: Concludes, and below we explain the difference between GPT and MBR to clarify the type that is appropriate for a personal computer:

What is the difference between GPD and MBR when splitting the hard disk?

GPT offers many advantages, but at the same time MBR is very compatible and sometimes more like GPT, or GUID partition table, which is the new standard, which has many advantages including support for large drives and most hardware devices. Modern computer.

MBR refers to the master boot record because it is a special boot sector located at the beginning of the operation. This section contains information about the boot loader and the logical partitions for the operating system installed. The boot loader is a small code that usually loads the large boot loader. From another partition on the drive.

If you have Windows installed, you can find the Windows boot loader raw material here – which is why you need to overwrite the MBR and fix it if Windows does not start, the MBR only works with disks up to 2TB, and the MBR only supports four basic partitions – if you prefer, “extended partitioning” “Akki should create a logical partition within it.

The difference between GPD and MBR when splitting the hard disk

GPT is a new standard that gradually replaces the MBR, which is associated with UEFI, making the old BIOS more modern, and the GPT, the old MBR partitioning system, is called the GUID partition table. The partition on the drive is a “global unique ID” or GUID – a random string that each GPT partition is likely to have its own unique identifier.

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