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What is the secret of the “Z” symbol printed on the tanks of the Russian army?


On its Instagram and Telegram pages, the Russian Ministry of Defense uses the letter in several messages: “Ja Bopedo” (for victory), “Ja Mir” (for peace), “Ja Pravdo” (for truth) “Ja Rocio” (for Russia).

In addition, the local media published a picture taken from the sky of about sixty sick children, their families and the doctors and nurses caring for them, creating the letter “Z” in the snow-covered yard of the nursing home. Kazan In Tatarstan.

A few days later, 20-year-old Russian gymnast Ivan Kulyak climbed to the third floor of the Gymnastics World Cup with a “Z” tape on his chest. Next to him is a Ukrainian player.

Flower International Gymnastics Federation Disciplinary action should be taken against Goliath for his shocking behavior.

For his part, the young athlete told the Russian media that he was “ready to do the same thing again: I saw what our players were wearing, I saw what the logo meant … … I wanted to express my position. As an athlete, I will always fight for victory, play for peace.”

Lightning meetings

Among the theories put forward about the meaning of “Z”, the first letter of the word “zapad”, which means “west” in Russian, has very little chance of referring to the armed forces of the western region of the country.

Finally, some have pointed out that this is the first letter of the name of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky.

Whatever it is, from politicians to celebrities and some influencers Social mediaEveryone wants to show the letter “Z”, which has become a symbol of loyalty to the Kremlin.

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Therefore, the Russian media regulator Roskomnadzor wrote a capital “Z” in the name of its telegram.

Under the slogan “We will not abandon our sons”, in many Russian regions, including remote areas, rallies and other support demonstrations, female singers sing the letter “Z” on their chests and show the “Z” in taxis. Windows or cars are parked to form the letter “Z”.

Released as a resident DonetskThe pro-Russian separatist city in eastern Ukraine posted a picture on Instagram of its fingernails painted black and marked “Z” in white.

Also in Brnwall to the south, a large “Z” in snow is designed in orange and brown, the colors of the St. George ribbon, the symbol of military heroism.

Entrepreneurs quickly took up the idea and designed T-shirts with the “Z” logo now sold online.

Symbols of the opposition camp Military intervention Despite the daily small protests against the ban, they are rarely seen in public.

The walls of Moscow are sometimes painted with quiet slogans. But it is soon destroyed.

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