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Google allows you to write answers during calls


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Google has introduced new features for its Pixel devices, including the typing feature for talking during phone calls, according to a report by Arab Gateway for Technology News. Updates are coming from Pixel to all Pixel devices. Today the Pixel 5a 5G will receive 3a, Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro updates later this month.

Google says the new feature is aimed at people who can not speak or like calls, and when you are on the call, you can see what others are saying in the call, and you can re-type the answer, read aloud on the other end, and choose to write a custom message or choose a pre-written answer. Yes, and the new update is an extension of the live title feature provided by Google, which automatically returns captions to your device and across updates. Includes Night Photography mode, also known as Night Side for the Snapshot operating system, and the new mode aims to make it easier to take clear photos and videos in low light without the use of Flash.

Direct My Call and Wait Times features are now available exclusively for Pixel 6 phones and now for Pixel 3a and newer phones. Instead of trying to memorize many of the options available, Google Assistant translates automatic messages for you. On the other hand, the Wait Times feature shows the time you expect someone to reach when you call a toll-free number.

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Google is bringing additional features to its devices

Following the launch of the Galaxy S22 last month, Google Duo’s shared view and live sharing features are now available on Pixel devices. New features make it easy to connect with friends and family through video calls, and allow you to do things like that. Host YouTube Watch Pools or Share Apps.

Additionally, if your language is set to American English, Gboard now offers stickers with custom text. As you type in messaging applications, Gboard will transform your words into colorful stickers designed with your words in mind. The company also introduces a new mini battery widget designed to display the latest information on your phone and connected devices such as the Pixel Buds. Spanish, Italian and French that support Google’s translator mode, designed to translate face-to-face conversations. The company also announced that Recorder Apps can now convert audio into Italian and Spanish text via Pixel 6 devices.

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Google details allow you to write answers

These are Google profiles that allow you to write answers during calls. We hope we have succeeded in providing you with full details and information.

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