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What will Samsung reveal next month? (Video)


Samsung has announced the date of its much-anticipated tech event, during which it will unveil a range of unique phones, smartwatches and electronics.

According to promotional images and videos released by the company, the second Galaxy Unpacked event of the year will take place on August 10 and will be broadcast on the company’s official websites online and through its YouTube pages.

Samsung has yet to announce the devices it will release during the event, but leaks indicate that it will release the latest generation of Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Flip foldable phones, as well as the new Galaxy Watch 5 watches.

And if the leaks are to be believed, the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 phones will be similar in design to the current Z Flip phones and you will get a mid-foldable phone with dimensions (165.1/71.9/7.2) mm. And a flexible 6.7-inch screen, and it should work with apps. The advanced Snapdragon 8 Gen 1+ is capable of quickly tackling modern 5G networks.

The USB Type-C port, microphone port, and speaker port are on the bottom edge of the chassis, while the main power button, fingerprint scanner, and volume control switch are on the right edge of the chassis.

As for Galaxy Watches, you’re expected to get solid builds with titanium, and these watches will offer the ability to make voice calls over 4G networks, and be equipped with chips for wireless communication via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. -Fi networks, and equipped with sensors to measure heart rate and advanced sensors to measure temperature. The body and batteries with a capacity of 276 and 397 mAh work with a wireless charging feature.

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