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What’s the difference? Here are the most important differences between the Google Pixel 7 Pro and the iPhone X


Written by Muhammad Ayman

Tuesday, May 23, 2023 at 02:00 AM

Google launched its smartphones For the footage From Next Generation – Pixel 7 AndPixel 7 Pro In the case of company hardware, a phone is differentiated For the footage The new smartphone with a new and improved design is also said to offer smooth and flawless performance.

And the promise Google Pixel 7 Pro It is the most expensive smartphone of the company and it works with the latest system employment Android 13 And it is powered by the chipset Tensor G2 In addition to the company’s new and powerful processor, the smartphone promises to offer improved camera performance and comes with several new camera features, and below we show a comparison between it and the phone. iPhone X To detect:

Google Pixel 7 Pro

Screen: 6.7 inches.

Healer: Tensor G2.

OS: Android 13.

Primary Camera: 50M wide cameraand 48MP telephoto lensand 12MP ultrawide camera.

Front Camera: 10.8MP.

Storage Spaces: With 28 compartmentsGB, 256 GB, 512 GB.

iPhone X

Screen: 5.8 inch screen.

Screen Type: Screen OLED.

Screen resolution: 2436 x 1125 pixels.

Processor: Processor A11 Bionic.

Internal memory: 500GP.

OS:iOS (15.x) .

Battery: 2716 mAh mAh.

Rear Camera: Dual 12 Megapixels.

Front Camera: 7 Megapixels.

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