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WhatsApp… 5 Hidden Features To Try – UAE Top News


WhatsApp, the world's most popular instant messaging platform, releases a new update every month as Meta keeps adding new features to attract new users. If you are a regular WhatsApp user, here are five secret features to check out.

Share your screen during a video call
WhatsApp has been supporting free video calling for quite some time. Recently, the company introduced the ability to share a smartphone or computer (PC or Mac) screen, allowing users to create presentations to discuss monthly goals or showcase a product. Users can share their screen in real-time and open their favorite app to enjoy a new experience.

To share screen on WhatsApp, click the Screen Sharing button to start the video call and click the Stop Sharing button to end the screen sharing.

Send short video messages
WhatsApp allows users to send text messages, stickers, emojis, audio and video messages. Meta recently introduced short video messages (less than 60 seconds), which will help users capture the attention of their friends. It appears circular.

To send a quick short video message, tap the microphone icon in the lower-right corner, and when it changes to a video camera icon, tap Record and Send the message.

Make your WhatsApp more private and secure
Meta has made it easy to control all privacy related features on WhatsApp accessible from one place. A new privacy menu can be accessed from the Settings tab, which includes options to specify who can contact you, control personal data, and the ability to enable disappearing messages.

Lock WhatsApp and private chats
You can lock entire WhatsApp or lock individual chats on Android and iOS devices to improve privacy on WhatsApp. In the latest update, WhatsApp has also enabled an option where the user can set a separate password for each locked conversation, which improves privacy and security. Android phone users can secure their WhatsApp using the fingerprint sensor, while iPhone users can use Face ID.

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Enable end-to-end encryption for chat backups
WhatsApp chats are encrypted by default, however, chat backups are not encrypted, meaning these chats can be accessed through cloud storage providers like iCloud and Google Drive. By enabling end-to-end encryption, you can prevent cloud providers from accessing your personal data.

To further protect your private messages and multimedia on WhatsApp, go to Settings Chats Backup and enable end-to-end encryption.

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