April 1, 2023

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When text becomes video.. the new “GBT Chat” revolution is just a few days away

Google seeks to integrate artificial intelligence tools into its online services to benefit companies and individuals who want to assign specific tasks to these programs, from writing emails to creating ad campaigns.

“Google Workspace,” Google’s suite of office tools and applications, “has always been at the forefront of delivering real-time collaboration between users,” Thomas Kurien, head of Google’s cloud computing division, said at an online press conference.

“The next step is to provide an AI tool that can collaborate and work with humans in real time,” he added.

Major technology companies, especially Microsoft and Google, have been competing to make progress in the field of artificial intelligence since the launch of the “ChatGBT” project, which gained worldwide attention last November.

For example, users of G-Mail and Google Docs can “enter the topic they want to write about and a draft will be created,” Google said in a statement. They’re immediate.” “Also, Workspace helps recruiters write the first welcome message to new hires, saving them time and effort,” he added.

For companies that use Google Cloud, they can assign more complex tasks to tools that have data entered for the respective companies.

Thomas Kurien and his team show how a furniture manufacturer can use an AI tool to create new designs, use a chatbot with its customers, or create advertising campaigns with different materials (from short messages for Twitter to images for Instagram).

Generative AI is now embedded in many media, from images and text to audio and video clips. Kurian explained that parties will be given first to test new features.

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Google Cloud’s announcement comes two days before Microsoft’s “Future of Work with Artificial Intelligence” conference.