March 30, 2023

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Why do ligaments relax?

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When relationships between spouses deteriorate, they usually look back to the early years, searching for an answer to a question that has no specific answer: Where did the love go? What has changed? The questioner’s gaze always turns to the other party in the relationship, thinking that the lover has steered the ship to the wrong port! Otherwise, how did love and passion end?

After years of pursuing a strong relationship that has been painful and dull, we all ask: How did the relationship change from a source of joy and intimacy to a burden or desire for redemption? Why does a husband suddenly feel that he can’t stand his once beloved wife, but ten and twenty years later he opens his morning to the sight of a woman he can’t stand anymore, why? If you ask one of these people, he will not hesitate to answer: He is still the same!

Some husbands leave home at the first opportunity, hoping to save their lives from rotting in the shadows of monotony and boredom, leaving the consequences of the situation on the shoulders of their wives and children. Family responsibilities are tough! When the wife (in the novel) listens to her husband and urges him to reprimand him, he admits that his abandonment of home and his association with a young woman have not changed his outlook on life or the feelings of suffering that reside within him. .

The Italian Domenico Starnone, the author of “Muscles”, began to remove this crisis from a critical point, which turns everything in life into a habit, and here especially turns off the emotion, and the husband or wife changes due to nature. Life, its worries and anxieties, a familiar person, then ordinary and boring, until it finally becomes boring to the point of becoming a little bit disgusting, here the husband often finds no choice but to escape, this is not the solution, the escape that does not change anything!


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