June 3, 2023

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Why is Nabila leaving Dubai?

This Thursday, April 1st, Nabila made a big announcement to her fans. If we believe in April Fools’ Day, it seems that the message is very true because it is undeniable.

Internet users who want to follow all the adventures of the reality TV star were surprised to learn that Nabila wants to leave Dubai. While many French influencers are increasingly migrating to the first city of the United Arab Emirates, Thomas Vergara’s comrade is dreaming of other places.

After March 19, he posted a photo on his very loving and gentle company on Instagram, commenting that it was “great news to be announced to you soon”.

So it looks like the big news was announced last Thursday through his Snapshot account. Nabila, who is always very active on her social networks, explained why she wants to change course and where she wants to settle down.

“I have a notice for you, I did not tell you, because I was waiting for it to be really safe, so we are going to the United States. We are leaving my little family and me. We are going to go to the United States. We are leaving everything here. Drunk, it came out of our eyes and suddenly it was over. We are breaking up, ”said Milan’s mother.

Following this announcement, critics followed. While some internet users understood this choice, others pointed out that Nabila and Thomas’ house had been under construction for several months, which they ultimately ruled was a lie.

While waiting to reveal more about his plans to move, the former Angels candidate will continue to travel specifically to New York, which he justifies by professional meetings.

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