January 30, 2023

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Why the search for the missing passenger plane in Nepal was stopped?

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Nepali authorities today confirmed that efforts to locate the missing plane with 19 passengers and three crew in the Himalayas have been suspended.

Authorities explained that the stop was due to bad weather and poor visibility.

Nepal’s military spokesman Narayan Salwal said on social networking site Twitter, “Eight hours after the plane went missing in the world’s highest mountain range, the search for air and ground will resume tomorrow morning.” .

Earlier in the day, Nepalese officials said efforts to locate a still-missing passenger plane in the Nepal Himalayas could be delayed by more than 6 hours due to bad weather..

The Tara Airlines flight was en route from Pokhara, a popular tourist destination about 200 km west of Kathmandu, to the airport in the Jomsom Mountains at 9:55 am (0410) when it lost contact with the air traffic control center. GMT) (Greenwich) Today, Nepal Police spokesman Bishnu Kumar said .


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