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Will Apple Release iPhone 15 Ultra in 2023?


Apple is making final preparations to launch its next flagship phone, the iPhone 15, and it will be a generation that will include multiple models. For the first time this year, it is reported that there will be a model called the iPhone 15 Ultra.

Apple has announced that it will hold an event on Tuesday, September 12, where it plans to unveil new consumer products led by the iPhone 15, which will be a family of 4 models, the first being the base, the second the Plus, the third the Pro, and finally the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

According to the information confirmed by Mark Gorman, a prominent analyst of Bloomberg Agency, Apple decided to stick with the name of the best iPhone to be released in the iPhone 15 family this year, so there will be no iPhone 15 Ultra. Rumors have been circulating for the past few months.

iPhone 15 Ultra

Sources, including Gorman, said earlier this year that Apple revealed the name of its top-of-the-line phone, which usually bears the name Pro Max, in an effort to differentiate it from the 2023 generation as Ultra. Pro model, and the fourth and best in the family is called the iPhone 15 Ultra, which is the base group of Plus, Pro and Ultra models.

As in recent years, Gorman confirmed that the flagship phone will be called the iPhone 15 Pro Max this year, and there will be no Ultra model.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max model is also rumored to feature an improved periscope lens with 6x optical zoom, compared to three times on the current iPhone 14, which is said to be available only on the Pro Max. Not just in the Pro model.

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While the two Pro models will get new upgrades, both phones are rumored to feature a titanium frame, customizable task button, the latest A17 processor, and less bezels around the screen, apart from support for sixth-generation Wi-Fi connectivity. 6E.

The Pro Max model, which replaces the iPhone 15 Ultra, will reportedly be Apple’s most expensive iPhone ever, starting at $1,199 in the US, which is $100 more than the same model in the 14th generation.

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