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Will Elon Musk bring his Twitter account back to Trump?


Washington – Elon Musk, a businessman with a large stake in the board and on the board of directors, is urging Twitter users to reconsider former US President Donald Trump.

Some comments focus on the fact that Musk has the power to restart Trump’s Twitter account, which has been suspended since the former president commented praising the rebels who attacked Capitol on January 6, 2021.

Elon Musk bought a 9.2 percent stake in Twitter. The stock is four times larger than Twitter founder Jack Dorsey’s, making Musk the company’s largest shareholder at 2.25%.

Twitter CEO Barack Agarwal said executives have had several conversations in recent weeks, leading to the conclusion that Musk “brings great value to our team.” Musk said he was a “passionate believer” and a “fierce critic” of Twitter, and that the Tesla founder did “exactly what we needed him to do.”

Musk, a top Twitter user, has been critical of the social media service in recent weeks. He asked his millions of Twitter followers if they needed a “new platform” to replace Twitter, believing that the service “failed to uphold the principles of freedom of expression” and undermined democracy.

The notion of what constitutes freedom of expression on social media is a thorny issue for many conservatives who claim that social media sites silence their voices when promoting liberal opinions. “None of the large-scale, credible studies have determined that conservative content was removed for ideological reasons or that searches were conducted in favor of liberal interests,” the NYU report said.

Is Trump’s Twitter account back?

Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boubert said on Twitter, “Musk’s appointment to Twitter’s board is a start.”

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“It’s time to end political censorship … bring Trump back!” Republican Rep. Lauren Boubert commented.

Monica Crowley, a former assistant secretary of the Treasury for Public Affairs during the Trump administration, said, “Now that Elon Musk is the largest shareholder on Twitter, he must put an end to political censorship and implement it throughout the company. Reform, and re-establishment of the President’s account.

Republican candidate for Congress in California Errol Webber, a member of the Twitter team, said Muskin’s first step was to “get President Trump back!”

“The second step – giving everyone who was banned a second chance … the third step – ending all forms of political and other censorship,” Weber added.

“Not only does Trump need to be back at the White House, he needs to be back on Twitter to provide us with hourly announcements!” Said Trump supporter actor Randy Kuwait. “Twitter’s share price and good for freedom of speech!” He added.

Writing in The Spectator, the Conservative newspaper, columnist Matthew Lane noted that it was “not clear whether Musk would eventually begin to make major changes to the company.” “If Musk gains more power in leading Twitter’s business, he thinks he can change the platform to provide more liberal and conservative ideas,” he added.

Lynn, a Twitter spokeswoman, said in an email that “the company’s board of directors plays an advisory role in all of our services,” but that “day-to-day operations and decisions are made by Twitter management and staff.”

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