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Winter leaves Jordan with a spring atmosphere


Say – Every year spring starts on a certain date for meteorology, which is (1) March, and this is the start determined by climate patterns, and winter is expected to end with an atmosphere. It can be said that spring is almost here in the kingdom

In more detail, weather maps at the Arab Regional Meteorological Center indicate that the Kingdom’s vulnerability to a warm mass will increase on Monday and Tuesday (the last days of the climatic winter), as measured temperatures will rise further. Maximum temperatures are in most cases between the early and mid-twenties Celsius in the Kingdom’s main cities, thus around 6-8 degrees Celsius higher than their rates for this time of year, and the weather is sunny and pleasant in the mountaintops, and in other areas including the Jordan Valley, the Dead Sea and Aqaba. Heat.

As a result of differences in atmospheric pressure values, moderate southeasterly winds are expected, sometimes brisk, especially in mountainous areas and open areas.

Warmer winds will blow through the weekend

The same releases of computer forecasts from the Arab Regional Meteorological Center indicate the flow of extremely hot air currents across the African continent towards Jordan, starting on Wednesday (the first day of spring in the weather), with temperatures continuing to rise. At such times their rates are higher

The weather will be hot in most parts of the kingdom and in the cities, and it will be hot in the Jordan Valley and the Dead Sea.

Jordan is experiencing less cold nights than usual

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Over the coming days, night temperatures will continue to rise and be warmer than their averages for this time of year, and the weather will be cooler than usual, relatively cool in the high mountains and eastern plains, and pleasant in other areas. Regions.

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