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With the arrival of Mohammed bin Saeed in the UK, ADNOC, Mazda and BP signed agreements to strengthen partnerships in the renewable energy sector.


With the arrival of Sheikh Mohammed bin Saeed Al Nahyan, the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the United Kingdom Armed Forces, the Abu Dhabi National Energy Agency “At Doc”, the Abu Dhabi Future Energy Agency “Mustar” and “PP” have partnered with the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom. Signed agreements for strategic cooperation for expansion, including the development of two pure hydrogen centers in the UAE and the UK at 2 GW.

In addition to the collective commitment to create new economic opportunities based on technologies to reduce carbon emissions locally and internationally, the agreements reflect the leadership of partners in technology-based solutions that contribute to mitigating the effects of climate change.

The agreements were signed by Dr. Sultan bin Ahmed Al Jaber, Executive Director and CEO of ADNOC and its committees, and Bernard Looney, Chairman and Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Mustar”, Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology. “PP” Board of Directors.

On this occasion, Dr. Sultan bin Ahmed Al Jaber said: “The United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom have close bilateral relations, thanks to the support of the intelligent leadership in the country and its interest in coordinating cooperation in various fields, especially in the field of economics (ADNOC), (Mustar). We hope that the agreements signed between (BP) and (BP) will contribute to the harmonization of strategic relations between the two friendly countries, and we look forward to creating a successful bilateral record for cooperation in achieving the economic aspirations of both countries and providing new opportunities for growth through initiatives based on carbon emissions reduction technologies.

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He added: “These efforts have recently announced the United Arab Emirates (50 policies), paving the way for sustainable economic growth and defining our path to the future by creating a better and more vibrant economy based on human capital, progress and practical and technological innovation.”

Under the agreements, ADNOC, BP ​​and Masdar are collaborating to build two clean hydrogen centers in the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates with an initial production capacity of 1 GW per country, based on the UAE’s role as a major investor in the UAE. Many of the UK’s largest marine energy projects.

The plan is in line with the UK’s recently announced commitment to reduce emissions by 23.5% in all economic sectors within the UAE’s nationally determined contribution and to produce 5 GW of low carbon hydrogen by 2030.

ADNOC and BP will jointly identify potential areas for collaboration in carbon capture and storage projects and the best technologies used in the methane detection industry. Mustar and BP will work together to explore opportunities to create, build and operate sustainable energy and transportation. Solutions in urban population centers.

Bernard Looney said: “We are pleased with this alliance, which has enhanced our record in the United Arab Emirates for nearly a hundred years. We see opportunity, while at the same time creating the local economy and future jobs.

These agreements will benefit from integrated infrastructure and energy resources in the UAE and the UK, which will enable partners to strengthen their potential for renewable energy sources and key future demand hubs for hydrogen and its proximity to its fuels. Helps guide both countries in the United Arab Emirates and the UK and the region in supporting the new hydrogen economy and their ambitious climate goals.

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Carbon dioxide capture and storage facilities are a key feature in technologies and projects to reduce carbon emissions in the world, and examples of these successful projects being used commercially are the UAE and the “Al Riyadh” facility in the United Kingdom.

Through the agreements, the partners integrate their leadership in CO2 capture, utilization and storage technology and explore opportunities for industrial expansion in the UAE.

The UAE adopts a well-established policy to reduce gas combustion, and the potential cooperation of partners in new methane detection technologies will contribute to maximizing the positive impact of carbon reduction strategies in both countries. Methane, which has an impact 80 times greater than carbon dioxide, is a top priority for projects and technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reflecting the joint efforts of partners to implement methane detection monitoring and analysis sites.

The agreed joint venture between ADNOC and BP supports initiatives to enhance the central initiative, digital capabilities and remote work applications, which will help achieve quantum leaps in performance management and support operational processes within both organizations, including energy efficiency. Performance

PP & Mastar will explore potential opportunities to develop, build and operate energy and transportation services in global urban centers, including energy efficiency, renewable energy production and distribution and energy storage.

All efforts specified in the Strategic Agreements are subject to the relevant regulatory approvals.

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