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With the support of a “very popular” minister, is Truss close to succeeding Johnson?


Wallace described in an article published in The Times, Truss is the “only candidate” with enough experience to lead the nation from day one. According to the defense minister, he supports Teres because she is “outspoken and always speaks her mind… I have sat next to her in cabinet meetings, bilateral meetings and international summits. She sticks to her position. Above all, she is transparent and means what she says.”

According to researchers, the head He is the Minister of External Affairs The Johnson government The support of rival Rishi Sunak, a former finance minister and considered one of the most popular members of the government, will give Wallace a greater chance of winning the race next September.

On the other hand, Chung admitted he was behind the Foreign Secretary in the race to succeed Boris Johnson as the leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister, but he vowed to stay in the race.

Who is the most likely candidate?

To answer the question, Samir Al-Kashef, an academic specializing in international affairs, says that TRACE has gained wide support. Conservative PartyAnd Wallace is not alone in voicing support for the British foreign secretary, earning another endorsement from influential former rival Tom Taggenhut, who was disqualified from the race in the previous round of voting.

In a statement to “Sky News Arabia”, Al-Kasheb added that the support was a blow to former finance minister Rishi Sunak, the other finalist in the race for the next Conservative Party leadership, although his popularity remains high. The general public has no say in the contest.

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When the race was narrowed down to finalists for the first time, Ters was the favorite with a few percentage points, but the odds kept turning in his favor as many expected Rishi Sunalek to be the best candidate, but Ters’ performance in the debates exceeded expectations.

He explained that the Truss was able to draw attention to topics such as the transport sector, British support for Ukraine and support for local farmers, while its economic and political stances and its support for Johnson were divisive. Among members of the Conservative Party, he indicated that it was trying to follow in the footsteps of Margaret Thatcher’s Iron Lady with a tough foreign policy and pledge to raise the military budget.

In his first official election speech to Conservative Party members, Mr Chung acknowledged his pledge not to cut personal taxes until inflation was brought under control. Things to do.”

On the other hand, Truss, who has vowed to cut taxes once he becomes prime minister, was warmly welcomed at an election rally in Leeds, northern England, and promised a “full review” of Britain’s tax system. “Too complex” and to be fair to families.

A total of 11 MPs had expressed interest in running for Conservative leader and British Prime Minister, nine of whom were disbanded in the earlier stages.

Last week, a fifth round of voting for Conservative MPs took place in Britain to elect its leader, who will also become the country’s prime minister. According to its results, two candidates, Liz Terrace and former Finance Minister Rishi Sunak, have made it to the final round of the election race.

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In the final round, the winner is chosen by all party members, who number about 200,000 today. Voting will be by mail and will close on September 2nd at 5:00pm local time. Results are expected to be announced. on September 5, when Parliament resumes its work after the summer recess.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who succeeded Theresa May as prime minister in 2019, announced on July 7 that he would step down as prime minister and leader of the Conservative Party, after a series of scandals and economic failures rocked the majority of his cabinet. Ministers should resign.

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