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With the war cry, Biden decided to send troops to Ukraine


Information பிடன் Journalists before leaving Egg house To Kansas City, Missouri: “This is not on the table (meaning the deployment of US troops in Ukraine).”

He added, “We have a moral and legal obligation to our allies NATO, In the event of an attack, in accordance with Section V of the Coalition Agreement. It’s a sacred duty. “

و .كد President of the United States This obligation will not be extended Ukraine.

However, Fiden pointed out that the United States could strengthen its military presence in NATO countries and help Ukraine improve its defense capabilities.

“We may need to strengthen our presence in NATO countries, especially those in the Eastern Front,” he said.

He revealed some details of the closed summit with the President Vladimir Putin, Two days ago, stressed that he had threatened to face sanctions if he invaded Ukraine.

“I’m very clear that if (Putin) invades Ukraine, he will face severe economic consequences that he has not yet experienced,” he said.

The tension between increased Ukraine and RussiaThe latter has amassed large forces on the border, and Kiev fears that this will be a precursor to a massive military invasion.

Intelligence reports monitor Moscow’s mobilization of more than 70,000 troops on the Ukrainian border, but Russia says its military operations have not threatened anyone.

It believes Kiev is the mobilizer in the Donbass region, which has seen clashes between pro-Moscow militants and Ukrainian government forces.

He points out that Western movements in the Black Sea region represent “provocation to it” and calls for a halt to NATO’s expansion in the east.

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