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“Woman of the Arabs” .. her award and her collection (1-2)



At the Culture and Science Symposium in Dubai, I attended a special evening literary award named after a great literary figure known for decades by literary cultural circles in the Al Jazeera region and the Arab world. Gulf “Woman of the Arabs”. She was an exceptional, creative poet Ausha Bint Khalifa Al Suwaidi (2018- 1920).

The theme of the evening was about the third session of the award and it was called “Constitution of Awsha” and this title is for one of her verses which expresses the best of her poetry, feminine accent and emphasis. In the implicit approach between the present and the past, I think of nothing new but a memory that I want its past to return, and the poem “Arab Girl” appeared in the 2017 collection.

A large and valuable work, its reader does not need much effort to imagine the amount of effort put into collecting and documenting Dr. Rafia Obaid Kobash, Chairman of the Award Trustee Committee and Founder of the Women’s Museum 2012. , and investigate it.

The introduction necessarily leads to the discontinuation of the award to coincide with the UAE’s celebrations of International Women’s Day and shed light on its introduction in 2019. Let’s ask our questions about the idea and its owner, how did it work?

Especially after this award has become an inspiring and concrete reality today, the founder, businessman Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor and the sponsors who are interested in the importance and necessity of cultural activities in the march of civilizational renaissance, enjoy luxurious hospitality. Witnessed in the United Arab Emirates, rather from all writers in the local arena, and the Gulf, Nabati poetry was drawn on the one hand to enhance its valuable symbolism and its role.

Due to their deep respect for cultural action in its literary and artistic aspects, they represent some of its heroes, on the other hand, making the Arab Woman Award a well-known transnational award, soon after its first session was launched. , whose echoes span the borders of the Arab world from east to west.

In our next article, we will revisit the meaning of the relationship between the “Women’s Museum” as a collection of historical memories and the “Arab Woman” collection as its first publication.

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