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“World Art Dubai” .. 10 unique experiences


Dubai (Etihad)

World Art Dubai, the leading exhibition in the Middle East, presents works of art at affordable prices, has received a large number of visitors since its opening on March 16, and the exhibition will continue for four days. The largest art exhibition in the region offers many unique experiences to its visitors, where more than 300 artists from over 50 countries and gathered under its umbrella showcasing more than 4,000 famous works.
The exhibition offers the top 10 experiences to enjoy among the various interactive workshops and art shows over the weekend as it offers dialogue sessions on the topic of interior design, including designing homes and offices.

These conversations provide real tips for managing personal space, such as British abstract artist Louise Ducan, Aidan Emanova, editor of Identity magazine and Amanda Barrett, portraits and landscapes and other topics such as creating the artist’s life and portraits. The exhibition also features a group of artists who have distinguished themselves in drawing a crowd of people, including the successful Chinese painter Vera Ming who sold 11 paintings, the Russian Julia Smolenkova who sold 11 paintings, and the Egyptian Marwa El-Sadani. Sold 11 paintings. In the middle of the display period he sold 6 paintings.
On this topic Julia Smolenkova said: I am pleased to be participating in the World Art Exhibition Dubai for the fifth time this year and I am achieving a high percentage of sales for each participation. It’s so much fun to be here at the exhibition. Showcase my work to Middle Eastern visitors as Dubai is always the best place for fun experiences.
According to Birkit Berger, a German who owns a showroom, he invites all visitors to participate in the artwork and helps him create his next masterpiece, which is made of carpets and decorated with digital paintings, rhinestones and colored balls, and allows the audience to experience this. Contribute to the design of the work with Birkit and offer the opportunity to purchase works from his amazing collection.
The exhibition also hosts daily live performances by artist Sergei Markov, the sole representative of the art cycle movement in Russia.
Instagram Photo Gallery is a monochromatic theme this year that invites visitors to be a part of the gallery’s works and collaborated with curators Tool Geoffrey and Samar Kamel on the design of the pillar, providing the perfect platform to capture worthy photos for social media. With space to highlight only the viewer in the best shot.
Seigen Jopenten, also known as the Doodle Rock Star, is best known for creating murals that radiate positive energy.
The eighth edition of the exhibition also features a strong presence of three-dimensional works, where the abstract artist New Art showcases a large area of ​​art adorned with pic, buttons and Saudi artwork created by Dubai’s brilliant leadership in appreciation of the brilliant leadership of Indian artist Davinci Suresh, who paints thousands of people.
World Art Dubai is organizing a series of workshops and activities for children with a daily photo session run by the Nikon brand, with the aim of teaching the right photography techniques to aspiring talents. Kids use art.
This year’s exhibition will feature wonderful works of art revealing their long-distance relationship with the famous twin sister Octopus and many other works, including the world’s largest screwdriver who entered the Guinness Book of Records and won. At a cost of US $ 20,000, the longest manuscript of the Holy Quran was unveiled by artist M.S. Created by Telev.

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