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“World Health”: 6 countries in the “Eastern Mediterranean” not more than 10% of their population vaccinated


He said the clumsy “Omigron” reminds us of a quick job to fix this flaw.

The talk since the emergence of the mutant “Omigron”, along with fears about the ineffectiveness of the “Govit 19” vaccine, is due to the mutations in the spike protein “spike protein” based on most vaccines, the advice now echoed by the World Health Organization, which emphasizes the importance of “accelerating vaccine coverage”.

Dr. Rana Al-Hijjah, Director, Program Office, Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean , Stressed that the preliminary data indicate that, when infected with the vaccine, the mutant did not cause severe symptoms, which confirms the message conveyed by the organization. The importance of vaccines and the need for justice in their distribution have been reported on more than one occasion.

Al-Haja said: “Unfortunately, despite our confirmation of this, vaccine coverage in the region is still weak because only 9 countries have achieved the target set by the organization to reach 40 percent of vaccine coverage in each country by 2021. Six countries are still less than 10 percent of the average country in the region. .

The argument was that the organization was trying to rectify this shortcoming by collaborating with the Kovacs facility, which promised to send a larger number of vaccines by the end of this year, but it came back and stressed that some countries’ problems were deeper. Due to the lack of strong infrastructure and skilled professionals to deal with this health emergency rather than providing vaccines.

WHO Regional Director Ahmed Al-Mandari agreed with al-Haja. Speaking on behalf of Awadh Mataria, Director of the Department of Global Health Care and Health Organizations at the Regional Office, he said: “However (Govt. 19) the epidemic was a major setback as there was a huge imbalance in the capabilities of countries to respond to the crisis and the urgent need for strong health systems to be prepared and responsive to all emergencies. It also highlights the features.

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Al-Mandari explained that as of March 2021, the epidemic was disrupting primary health care services in 43 percent of countries, with 45 percent reporting disruption to rehabilitation, immunization and long-term care services and life-saving surgery. , Emergency and critical interventions have been affected in almost one-fifth of the countries. Two-thirds of countries report stopping unnecessary surgeries and affecting various services ranging from immunization services to women’s health, mental health and cancer care. Loss of many health workers due to infection.

He added: “By providing them with the necessary preventive measures, we must ensure that this does not happen again and that we have a strong health care system.”

For her part, the model reminds us of the importance of investing in epidemiological health, and added: “According to an international report released today on the eve of World Health Coverage Day, countries’ spending is unfortunate. Health care accounts for only 2 percent of the region’s total global spending. Weak government spending on health services leads to a problem called “catastrophic spending”, in which people spend 10 percent of their income on health services, causing them financial crisis.

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