February 8, 2023

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World record holder French adventurer walking on a rope between two peaks .. Video

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Walking the two-kilometer rope last Tuesday set a new record for French adventurer Nathan Paul. Paul walked 2,200 meters on a rope that hung between the famous monastery and the crane on St. Michael’s Island.

However, Paul’s team did not complete the route, and his sub-committee said he dropped the meters from the finish line “for safety reasons”. Pauline’s spokeswoman Laura Chang said she had reached the stop sign, thus breaking the record.

Palin’s trek began at an altitude of about 100 meters on Tuesday afternoon and lasted for about two hours on a tight rope two centimeters wide.

In 2017, he set Paul’s previous record by crossing 1,662 meters on a rope over the Cirque de Nouvelles, a steep valley in southern France.

According to his team, he surpassed that number in Sweden last year, but the Mont-Saint-Michael trip was too long.


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