February 8, 2023

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Colors of the homeland | “Destructive news” warns billions of smartphone owners of scams

Cyber ​​security experts have uncovered a vicious fraud that destroys victims’ bank accounts, and have issued a stern and urgent warning to all smartphone users to take serious action to prevent the malicious program known as “FluBot” from infecting their device. .

FluBot uses malware that transmits credit card information, eliminating criminals’ unauthorized purchases and storage.

How victims fall into the trap of fraud

After that, a link will be sent to the site The web This encourages victims to download the specific processor that users believe voicemail enables, and Apps prompts users to access the phone’s “accessibility permissions” without having to review the process.

But FluBot then extracts the contact list of future victims, while using an aggressive malicious script that erases credit card information, and while FluBot primarily targets Android users, iPhone owners are not far behind.

How can it deceive iPhone and Android users?

Although the App Store is not allowed Camel By installing third-party apps, the rules for accessing the App Store are stricter than the Google Play Store on Android, but the leaders of this process, except for Apple, affect victims on iOS because FluBot News directly affects users who click on the malicious link. To a suspicious web page loaded with phishing scams.

Bitdefender, a Romanian cybersecurity firm called Bitdefender, issued a red alert after its experts discovered FluBot, and although the scam was caught by some, Bitdefender said the scam resurfaced in May and will continue until advanced cyber security technologies become widespread.

European countries are at risk of FluBot infection, Germany plays a major role in targeted efforts, but cybercrime has no limits and all users need to be extra vigilant against digital scams.

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