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World Ultra-Fast Broadband Forum 2023 Discusses Ways to Accelerate Transition to “Gigabit” Communities in Countries in Region


Muscat: The Global Ultra-Fast Broadband Forum 2023, organized by Huawei in Dubai last week under the theme “Interconnected Intelligence for New Growth”, in collaboration with the United Nations Broadband Commission, was a presence. An elite group of leading companies, telecom regulatory bodies, international standards bodies and industry leaders. One of the most important topics discussed by the participants was the ways to install and use high-speed broadband networks to unleash the advanced full potential and promote the construction of “gigabyte” associations in the countries of the Middle East and Central Asia region. The era of “smart connectivity” is one of the most important priorities for networks and various sectors and industries to improve their business and services, improve their revenue and increase their efficiency and productivity.

Over the past year, the high-speed broadband industry has made significant progress in terms of standards and key research that have produced many innovations. This comes at a time when artificial intelligence solutions continue to permeate our work and lifestyles, and smart services continue to emerge, which are gradually becoming the main driving force for improving productivity and the level of social life. This naturally raises the ceiling for high-speed broadband networks. Therefore, the importance of the forum emerges as a platform for dialogue and exchange of ideas and experiences on the path to pioneering the field of sustainable networks, using its potential for the benefit of its progress and social and economic development in regional countries. .

CEO and Member of the Board of Directors of Samena Communications Council Mr. The forum saw an exchange of insights from sector leaders in the region such as Boukar Ba; His Excellency Engineer Mohammed bin Omar, Director General of the Arab Information and Communication Technologies Organization (AICTO) and top executives of several regional sector organizations.

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The forum included a dialogue session titled “10 Gigabit Digital Infrastructure to Accelerate Building a Strong and Sustainable Digital Economy”, which brought together an elite group of communications industry officials to discuss the policies and practices needed to accelerate 10 Gigabit deployment. Broadband networks in regional countries. The session also discussed the necessary requirements including regulatory decisions, technological solutions and creation of partnerships in the light of exemplary global experiences and international standards that have proven their effectiveness in the field of high-speed broadband network. 10 gigabit digital infrastructure in building a digital economy in the region and its contribution to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The session was organized in collaboration with Samena Communications Council, whose CEO and Board Member Boukar Ba opened the forum with his speech.

The session was attended by Cevat Yerli, CEO of TMRW Global Communications Corporation and Alex Li, Managing Director of China Mobile International in the United Arab Emirates; Mohammed Bin Ali, Acting Director of the Department of Communications at the Ministry of Transport and Communications, Kingdom of Bahrain; Lin Yanqing, Senior Advisor for Industry Policy, Public and Government Affairs at Huawei; The session was moderated by Eric Almqvist, CEO of Sense Strategy.

Bukar A. Ba, CEO and member of the board of directors of SAMENA, said: “Doubling the real capacity of 5G networks and implementing realistic use cases on sustainable development paths is a priority today. 5G networks are constantly evolving towards advanced 5G technology. (5.5G networks 5.5G), It is essential to provide access to the necessary capital to support the new transition towards advanced, high-speed networks that will help social and economic development and bridge connectivity gaps in underserved areas and communities. SAMENA Telecom Council’s recent Telecom Operators and Regulators Group celebration, excellence and leadership award ceremony, has introduced 5G networks in the past. Reflecting the active leadership role of many telecommunications operators and regulators in the developing region and around the world, the few years have paved the way for more developments with greater use of these networks for businesses and communities.

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For his part, Lin Yanqing, Huawei’s senior advisor for industry policy, public and government affairs, said: “5.5G networks come in the wake of the natural evolution of the 5G ecosystem, and one of its key advantages is to boost network capabilities by 10 times and support… business at speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second. , enabling 100 billion connections and increasing the intelligence capabilities of many services. Huawei’s concept of ‘Gigabit Society’ leverages this technology to enable the era of ubiquitous connectivity and intelligence, open new frontiers for growth and innovation in various fields, and in the Middle East and Central Asia region, high-speed Integrating various advanced technologies with the support of broadband networks is considered to be the main vein for the growth and development of the work of all sectors and industries in the future.”

Huawei believes that ultra-broadband networks are the most important infrastructure for communities and enterprises in the smart era. It seeks to create an impact beyond the simple concept of the Internet to create a smart world based on enhanced connectivity. This requires large-scale digital infrastructure, such as fiber-optic or cloud networks, and the provision of vast digital space to support billions of new connections.

10 Gbps ultra-broadband networks form a solid foundation for a “10 Gigabit Society” where companies can connect their offices with manufacturing units and business branches with a high-quality 10 Gbps connectivity network. Seventh-generation Wi-Fi technologies contribute to providing wireless access at 10 gigabit speeds, and in addition to wired access to rooms at the same speed, greatly improving organizational productivity.

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Today, some Middle Eastern countries are leading the gigabit era and paving the way for the 10 gigabit era. Governments play a key role in accelerating this progress by providing regulatory frameworks, enacting policies for telecommunications infrastructure requirements and industry standards, and building strong partnerships between telecommunications companies, regulators, infrastructure providers, developers, municipalities, and international standards and metrology organizations. The forum provided a good platform for the leaders of the communication sector to discuss the needs for digital infrastructure transformation to support the digital economy in the countries of the region, in line with the achievement of the United Nations Comprehensive Sustainable Development Goals signed by regional governments.

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