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After 9 years.. Disney is bringing back Robin Williams’ voice without artificial intelligence


Monday 16 October 2023 / 10:14

9 years after his death, Disney is reprising the voice of the late comedian Robin Williams as the “Genie” character from the cartoon “Aladdin” without resorting to artificial intelligence in a short film. The company’s 100th anniversary celebration will air on Disney Plus beginning Monday.

The film brings to life 543 popular Disney cartoon characters

In celebration of Disney’s 100th anniversary, viewers were treated to a glimpse of some of Disney’s most iconic characters as they watched the short film “Once Upon a Studio,” which showcased 100 years of Walt Disney World.

Academy Award-winning producer Yvette Merino, who won the Academy Award for Best Picture, rejected the idea of ​​Disney relying on artificial intelligence to revive the voices of characters who had died in the film, instead, in her short, she relied on live lines. Before Williams’ death in 2014, at the age of 63, from previous recordings to get the actual voice for the character.

Merino explained that the short film crew reviewed the Genie character’s dialogue from Williams’ excerpts from “Aladdin” to find the perfect fit for the film. Later, the film’s directors, Dan Abraham and Trent Currie, selected some parts and shared them with latecomers. Abraham confirmed that there was prior collaboration with the Williams family on the project.

He pointed out that the company had obtained permission to use the recording with the deceased’s heirs and estate: “We couldn’t have written this short without Cinderella and Robin Hood, because it’s such a part of Disney’s history and heritage, it was a dream come true to bring back these people who led these characters.” , confirming that Williams’ performance continues to have an impact on the character, more than three decades later.

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The film, despite its brevity, includes 543 different Disney animated characters drawn from 85 different films that have appeared throughout Disney’s 100-year history.
Regarding the use of artificial intelligence to animate the voices of dead actors, producer Brad Simonson has confirmed his complete and utter rejection of the idea at this time, and that it is not allowed at Disney and he does not believe in it. Short film.

Williams first appeared as the voice of the Genie in the original Aladdin film in 1992.

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