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Worms and frogs on Mars … NASA is working to monitor ancient life on the red planet … Images and videos – Arabic – News, Comments and Radio Sputnik



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Arabic – News, Comments and Radio Sputnik


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NASA Mobile Study has found strange and significant rocks of some unique shape on Mars that are not alive due to its harsh and inappropriate climatic conditions, but scientists are constantly searching for secrets that these rocks can hide in their geological specimens.

The NASA spacecraft captured a unique image of a rock that appeared in the shape of a large rock frog, nicknamed the “Mars Frog”.

“Screenrant” website The “NASA” spacecraft captures unique and very different images from time to time, the latest of which is the image of worm-shaped rocks, which has caused controversy among social media users.

To date, Mars is considered a cold, lifeless and dangerous planet because the planet’s atmosphere does not have a good proportion of oxygen to support life or grow crops, and its temperature is about 80 degrees Fahrenheit, which is a very intense heat. We as human beings can endure.

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Unique patterns hide many secrets

Scientists are constantly looking for ways to explore the planet with robots because this method is considered the best way for humans to avoid severe weather conditions.

The rover has been working to draw an accurate map of the landscape of Mars, and is also working on analyzing existing materials and components to find remnants of ancient life or signs of its existence.

Although the unique shapes photographed on Mars, such as the shape of a frog, are not considered a sign of the existence of this life, the nature of the geological factors (rocks) within them may have obscured many secrets. Recent research.

Earlier, the US space agency NASA announced that its spacecraft had collected two samples of volcanic rock on the surface of Mars, indicating that there were some traces of earlier life.

According to a report on the official NASA mission website, rovers on the surface of Mars used a measuring instrument called the “PIXL” code, a tool for measuring X-ray lithio chemistry on planets to analyze erosion. Found in collected samples.

Bellegarde’s analysis of erosion in a sample extracted from the study of a specific rock called “rosette” showed the presence of distinct components of salts and minerals.

Scientists have noted that the luminosity and discovery of salts that appeared in the original color may have been salt crystals trapped in ancient water bubbles, which scientists can use to learn more about the environment in which these salts formed when samples returned to Earth. .

Preliminary research on the samples shows that there is an “apparently habitable environment” on the surface of Mars, said Ken Forley, a science officer with the Preseverance mission.

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