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Worst warnings in 500 years… Drought kills Europe


“Right now, it looks like the worst year in 500 years, and worse than 2018,” said Andrea Turetti, senior researcher at the European Commission’s Joint Research Council.And, “2018 was so hot that when you look at the catalog of the last 500 years, there are no similar events, considering the worsening of the situation.” Hot and dry weather From 4 years“.

Climate and environmental experts warn that things could get much worse, as records written to measure degrees drought The European Union dates back 500 years, which means the drought now ravaging the continent may be unprecedented in its history, or at least in more than 500 years..

Commenting on this alarming European declaration and the dilemma it represents Environmental condition In it and around the world, climate and environmental expert and member of the International Union for Conservation of Nature, Ayman Haitham Kadori, told Sky News Arabia: “The European continent has been hit by a lot of violence. Drought Records from the European Observatory for Meteorological and Drought Monitoring have so far been documented and proven EDO In history dating back 500 years, no wave of greater intensity has been recorded, coinciding with the acceleration of conditions. Climate change and global warming Its features have become very clear, especially after last July when the highest historical temperature was recorded in southern France and Spain, which approached 45 degrees Celsius. Fires raged in the forests of southern France And in central Spain and the Portuguese coast, and in this context, a report explained EDO Published last July, 45 percent of the EU, or almost half, is under this severe drought, and is classified next in the danger category.“.

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And so, the series of extreme weather events continued, the climate and environmental expert explains: “To reach a point… Interruption in water supply In the last months (May, June, July) large areas of parts of Europe (Central Italy, Poland, Ukraine, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Moldova, Eastern Mediterranean) were very rare. The Alps The main source of water for Central and Southern European countries, the stages of water development started very early, i.e. the melting stage of the glacier and its flow to the rivers due to the lack of snow in the last winter, which led to this. Water scarcity It affected the European continent in general and the central and southern countries in particular“.

And the spokesperson added: “Thus, the increase in temperature leads to an increase in the demand for water, especially on the continent cultivated agricultural crops and green spaces are most affected by the unprecedented rise in temperature rates, which is greatly reflected. soil moisture As the European Drought Observatory report and the agency’s published satellite images illustrate, NASA It was analyzed last week and the values ​​appeared Soil dryness This is most evident over a wide area from eastern Hungary and Slovakia to western Ukraine and Romania. Similarly, Germany and western Poland saw negative anomalies in soil moisture rates, while the southern part of the Scandinavian Peninsula entered a severe soil moisture deficit. The coming days will witness the Netherlands entering a circle Climate risk Its features are clearly visible“.

Therefore, the disaster will not only occur in the old continent, the climate and environmental expert explains, continuing: “It threatens and affects our planet as a whole, and the whole world and member states must urgently adhere to the next climate summit. Support the movements of international organizations specialized in fighting against the recommendations and decisions of the climate summit. Climate change phenomenonFurthermore, an international law must be enacted to enforce conditions to protect the environment and quickly stop polluting activities for the emitting countries that have brought the climate change crisis to these advanced levels, especially China and the United States. Otherwise, the world will reach a point of no return within the next 10 years, and large tracts of land will erode and disappear“.

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A senior researcher at the European Commission’s Joint Research Council warned: “Much of Europe is prone to heat waves and dry weather, vulnerable to drought. Food production Energy, drinking water and wildlife“. “Further Heat waves The rain is falling, and the long-term prospects are even more dire .

“Looking over the next three months, we continue to see a very high risk of drought conditions in western and central Europe and the UK,” he added.

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