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X Silent Edge Power Supply: Optimum thermal performance and high quality components


The X Silent Edge Power Supply has been officially announced by Cooler Master. According to the announcement, the unit features a fanless design and relies on “advanced sanitary piping technology” that ensures optimal thermal performance and improves component life.

The X Silent Edge module relies on high quality components. According to the manufacturer, it is made up of Infineon IC chipset which provides excellent reliability and performance. These units have digital monitoring that provides real-time information on load and temperature. Cooler Master calls this monitoring tool MasterCTRL, which allows users to manage unit parameters directly from their desktop.

In terms of performance, Cooler Master says these power supplies are ideal for gamers and content creators. You can choose from 1100W and 850W models. But the price and availability details are yet to be confirmed by the brand.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is “advanced sanitary plumbing technology”?

Advanced Sanitary Duct Technology is a technology in power supply design that ensures optimal thermal performance and improves component life.

What are the benefits of using digital monitoring in power supplies?

Digital monitoring of power supplies provides real-time information on load and temperature, helping to improve stability and ensure optimal unit performance.

What is active bridge rectifier and its role in improving performance and efficiency?

An active bridge rectifier is a part of a power supply that helps improve performance and efficiency by efficiently conducting power and reducing power loss.

Is the X Silent Edge available at different prices?

Pricing and availability details are yet to be confirmed by the brand.

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