May 28, 2023

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Xbox Cloud Gaming now supports SteamTech with Microsoft Edge

Microsoft claims to have worked closely with Valve to work with Xbox Cloud Gaming on SteamTech. Although SteamTech users have access to the Xbox game streaming service, they are unable to use mobile controls to play games. Microsoft now has a full beta version of the Microsoft Edge with full support for SteamTech.

“We have worked closely with Valve and the Xbox Cloud Gaming team to support Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) through the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate through Microsoft Edge Beta for SteamTech.” Says Missy Quarry, Community Manager, Microsoft Edge. “We’m especially excited about this because we think it’s opening up new opportunities in the Linux gaming community.”

There are many Xbox Game Studios titles Can run locally On SteamTech, the Xbox Game Pass is not on Steam, so subscribers need to stream titles from the Microsoft service.

The Linux version of Microsoft Edge now includes support for SteamTech controls and is available from the Discover Software Center for SteamOS. Microsoft also has detailed instructions Create a link to Xbox Cloud Gaming on SteamTech for easy access in the future.

Coming weeks after Microsoft’s latest SteamTech support for Xbox Cloud Gaming Extensive Xbox Game Studio titles for mobile devices. Even the steam base Now Windows can run, Which provides another way to access Xbox Game Boss titles. Wolverine CEO Cape Newell said:Than happinessTo help bring Microsoft PC Game Pass to Steam, but until that happens, Xbox Cloud Gaming and Windows on Steam Deck are the only currently applicable methods.

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