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Xiaomi 12 Pro Review



Xiaomi 12 Pro Review

Xiaomi has introduced the Xiaomi 12 Pro phone to the market, which combines the product quality, design and configuration of the phone with many features that many users expect, providing an amazing user experience.

The 12 Pro is available in the Saudi market for 2770 riyals, and Xiaomi offers a number of valuable offers and gifts for booking requests.

Content of the box

Provides box for Xiaomi 12 Pro

  • Phone unit that comes with a pre-installed screen protection layer
  • The back cover of the phone
  • 120W charging cable and adapter.

Phone design Xiaomi 12 Pro

In this version, Xiaomi integrates all the features that live up to the user’s aspirations in the best smartphones because the phone comes with a very high quality product with a metal frame and a glass pane on the back and front.

The phone screen features streamlined design and integrated fingerprint technology, an IR sensor and a stereo amplifier developed in collaboration with Harmon Garden.

The Xiaomi phone weighs 204 grams and is 8.2 mm thick, but the design gives the user a unique experience in carrying the phone.

Screen Xiaomi 12 Pro

The Xiaomi 12 Pro supports an excellent 6.73-inch AMOLED screen and LTPO technology, and the screen supports one billion colors with an update rate of 120Hz.

The screen also supports Dolby Vision technology, which has a resolution of 1440 pixels and integrates screen technologies with the phone’s acoustics, providing users with a better viewing experience in games and video content, as well as a smoother browsing experience.

Performance Xiaomi 12 Pro

In addition to the unique exterior design of the Xiaomi 12 Pro phone, the Xiaomi phone also offers better configurations because the phone has a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, UFS 3.1 capacity up to 256GB and memory. Up to 12 GB RAM.

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On the operating system, Xiaomi provides the phone with the MIUI 13 interface, which is based on the Android 12 operating system, and the software also provides the user with a wide range of customization features in the interface to get the desired features. Tools quickly.

Xiaomi 12 Pro cameras

The user experience in the Xiaomi phone is integrated with the camera settings as the Xiaomi phone supports a 50-megapixel main sensor and f / 1.9 lens slot, the 50-megapixel telephoto camera supports up to twice the optical zoom, and the last camera comes with a 50-megapixel camera and a wide-angle.

There is a slot for a 32-megapixel front-facing camera in the center of the screen, with 4K video recording and 8K video recording, and users can access 1080p recording, so these settings support the user. A wonderful experience shooting with the main camera.

Battery in Xiaomi 12 Pro

The Pro phone comes with a 4600 mAh battery and Xiaomi 120W charger with fast charging technology that allows you to fully charge the phone in 18 minutes, which is one of the leading features offered by Xiaomi in this edition.

In addition, the phone supports fast wireless charging with a capacity of 50W and reverse charging with a capacity of 10W.

Therefore, in this version, Xiaomi supports more capabilities for faster charging technology and has collected everything the user is looking for in a phone that includes superior configurations with superior design and the highest production quality.



  • High quality production
  • Unique camera settings
  • Stunning display for gaming and video content
  • The interface supports a wide range of customizations
  • 120W fast charging technology


  • IP standards for resistance are not included

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It is expected to announce Windows 12 in the second half of 2024



It is expected to announce Windows 12 in the second half of 2024

This topic was written by Sultan Al-Qahtani – Software giant Microsoft is preparing to launch a new version of the Windows operating system, and recent expectations indicate that Microsoft is preparing to release the Windows 12 update in the second half of 2024. .

Microsoft is working on a new version of the Windows operating system, known by the “Hudson Valley” logo, and leaks from multiple sources have confirmed that the Windows 12 update aims to focus specifically on artificial intelligence technology.

The company has already started previewing the “Hudson Valley” update, which will later be released under the title Windows 12, via “Windows Insider” in preparation for the release of the RTM model in April 2024.

This version mainly focuses on improving the user experience with artificial intelligence technology, with features like “Windows Shell” and assistant with artificial intelligence technology, a digital assistant that works continuously on the back screen.

The digital assistant is expected to support improving search functions and launching applications, and artificial intelligence will also work to improve system management with smoother performance when integrated deep into the operating system through new NPU devices to achieve optimal performance.

Expectations also indicate that new standards will be required for computers to be compatible with new artificial intelligence technology, and the proportion of devices equipped with artificial intelligence technology is expected to rise to 81% by 2027.


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Bieber Brings “iMessage” to Android Devices Due to Apple’s Privacy Infringement



Bieber Brings “iMessage” to Android Devices Due to Apple’s Privacy Infringement

Sunday 10 December 2023 / 13:04

Weeks after the failure of the NothingChats and Sunbird apps, the app Paper Mini announced the possibility of using iMessage for Android devices due to concerns about the privacy of users of Messages, an instant messaging service only available on Apple devices., a website specializing in technology topics, notes that the Pepper Mini application is a successor to the original Pepper application, now named Pepper Cloud.

Like the original Sunbird or Paper applications, the Paper Mini application connects directly to the iMessage network without requiring a permanent connection to Apple Mac Mini devices. Therefore, the Pepper Mini does not require an Apple ID, although having this ID will allow the user to access the iMessage service via the Pepper Mini and Apple devices such as Macs and iPads.
Pepper says it supports several key features of iMessage using methods such as end-to-end message encryption, typing indicators, replying to posts and group chats.

Pepper was developed independently of Apple, and it is impossible to continue to offer all the features that Apple offers to iMessage users on iPhone smartphones and other devices manufactured by the American company.
Meanwhile, the original Pepper app has a waiting list of users who want to access it.

Original Pepper allows you to access the iMessage service using any Mac device while connected to another messaging app, such as WhatsApp.

Pepper Mini can be downloaded from Google’s Play Store without waiting, but the developer gets a $2 monthly subscription after a 7-day free trial period.

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Microsoft examines Windows printer renaming problem: How it affects users



Microsoft examines Windows printer renaming problem: How it affects users

By Mounis Hawass

Sunday, December 10, 2023 at 03:00 AM

Faces Windows 10 Windows 11 is a new problem because operating systems rename printers to HP LaserJet printers, and the technology company notes that the issue affects devices running Windows 10 and Windows 11 operating systems running the 22H2 update.

How does this issue affect users?

Because of this issue, printers connected to Windows devices automatically install the HP Smart app and are renamed even if they are not HP devices, and the tech company confirmed that it has already started investigating the issue.

Microsoft has suggested that this issue is not caused by an HP update, but instead is a Windows problem. However, this issue does not stop printers from printing, and Windows 10/11 users can continue printing, but users try to double-click on the printer and get a “no jobs for this page” error. Get the message.

In a support note, Microsoft says: “Some issues have been observed with printer configurations on Windows devices that access the Microsoft Store. Microsoft will investigate this issue and work with partners to resolve it. Manufacturer.” Most are named after the HP LaserJet M101-M106 model, and the printer icons can also be changed.

Unaffected printers

There are some workarounds to prevent printers from being automatically renamed and settings can be enabled. For example, if your IT administrator blocks the use of the Microsoft Store, printers will not be renamed. In such cases, the HP Smart app will not be installed automatically.

However, it’s important to note that this isn’t the first time Windows and printers have had problems with each other. In March 2021, a blue screen appeared on some printers on computers due to a Windows update, and Microsoft was able to act quickly. Fix the problem.

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A few months later, a serious, unpatched flaw appeared in the Windows Print Spooler service. Fixing this security issue caused some printers to stop working completely. The latest renaming fix is ​​expected to be much less problematic.

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