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Xiaomi Launches Projector Youth Edition 2S Projector with AI Long-Range Voice Support for 2,399 Yuan


This title was written – initiated by Sultan al-Qahdani A company Xiaomi device Offer Xiaomi Projector Youth Version 2, And he comes device Offer mobile phone Precisely 1080 For the footage And he compatible with Clips Video Self Accuracy 4K

Supports device screw Encryption HDR 10+, and progress Quality Picture with intelligence artificial, and correction Automatic Many direction, and compensation A movement MEMC, and consequences the voice Dolby, and security the eye from the light Blue Low.

And inside Time itself, completeness Use Algorithm Al to improve Quality Picture automatically, and progress Satisfied Color and sharpness And love Wisely from when Learning enormous, and reset Further from details Picture deeply.

and from
Where efficiency, It was completed Equip device Offer with a slice Amlogic T982 in pairs With memory random capable of 2 GP and savings 16 GP. as That’s it uses technique processing Optical Digital DLP And to him ratio permeability she informs 1.2:1. Bonus On that day That, He is one fitted with amplifiers the voice Double High Accuracy Correct frequency.

Supports device Further 500 lumens ANSI. In addition to do That, He is one He works On that day system MIUI TV That He provides The same proof’s Content such as Television Xiaomi.

May be For users Further to push Content assigned building On that day Interests and hobbies and customs watching. And he attached Further system Mijia environment, And it contains On that day Xiaoai Built-in, and supports the voice intelligence Artificial So far period, and supports connection Alpine home smart Like that.

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Come device Provider with a façade HDMI 2.1 and interface USB 3.0 and a socket Earphone the head and an outlet Shipping DC. And he Supports situation Wi-Fi bilateral limit 2.4 Giga Hertz/5 Giga Hertz. as That’s it Supports technique Bluetooth 5.0 And he delivered Screen Wireless.

informs Price device Xiaomi Projector Youth Edition 2S around 2399 RMB (330 $) And he Available Currently Inside China via Jingdong.


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