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You can enjoy the most popular retro games for free and without downloading


Although I belong to the PlayStation 2 and Nintendo DS generation, I remember my childhood when I loved retro games on the Atari and Game Boy consoles, including immortal titles like Super Mario Bros., so these games were retro to me. But these games were not retro for the older generation, the 1980s generation, which included my father. These were modern video games at the time.

Games have been around for a long time, and regardless of the tremendous growth in games, the difference between the gaming industry in the 1980s and any time before and since was the Internet. But luckily, it’s not too late to try these games on our current devices, thanks to a team of talented developers offering retro games through sites like Internet Archive And Itch.ioIt lets you try many free games for free through your browser.

Thanks to tools and platforms like Unity, PICO-8 and GB Studio, players can create their own games with classic design and simple gameplay, with a touch of the 80s and 90s. Although retro games are simple, they offer unparalleled fun. Forgot what TMNT: Shredders Revenge was like last year? In case you forgot, read our review of it here. We return to our topic. Yes, I remember. I have collected for you the masterpieces of free retro games that you can enjoy in the browser on PC, and some of them through smartphones and maybe even home sites, so I advise you. Don’t miss a single line of this article because it will benefit you.

Super Mario Bros

We can’t talk about retro games without stopping with the classic platformer of our childhood, Super Mario Bros. Who else? It’s not the original game from the 80s, but a special remastered version from a developer who once loved the game. The game maintains the same colorful and familiar graphics, classic music and simple and fun gameplay. Even for a moment, you can have a good time going back to your childhood by recalling the memories etched in your soul.

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Prince of Persia

Retro games

The creative designer’s career was extended Jordan McNair Over the decades, he has greatly influenced the gaming industry thanks to his contribution to the development of Brigne of Persia, released in 1989, and since then many sequels and remasters of the same title have been released, maintaining its status. One of the best and most enjoyable platform games ever, thanks to its unique graphics. With a maze-like design of stages and a game time of less than two hours, this is a masterpiece that cannot easily be replicated.

Cuphead: Game & Watch Edition

Retro games

The Cuphead series is known for its exhilarating atmosphere, massive difficulty, and entertaining platforming experience. Cuphead: Game & Watch Edition features an interface similar to Nintendo’s classic Game & Watch console, and the developers justified the game’s design on the basis that fans of the platform wanted to bring Cuphead and the world together. Game & Watch site to provide the best experience. The game maintains the style of the original part and its classic graphics, but adds some innovations to the gameplay. It’s a great way to have fun while downloading a movie or uploading a file.

Minecraft Classic

Believe it or not, you can run Minecraft in your browser! If you are one of those people, including myself, who have never played before, I would advise you to give it a try as I would. The game is based on the classic original versions of the title, and uses Starfield-like “procedural generation” technology to place you inside a world made of pixels – where you can create whatever you want. The game certainly lacks the features, quality, and improvements found in newer versions, but in the end, it’s Minecraft, just squares, and squares don’t need ray tracing in all honesty!

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Retro games

The game encourages Metroidvania-style exploration within its interconnected world. The more you explore the areas, the easier it is to dig into the maze and events that can be completed within an hour. The story revolves around an astronaut’s ship crashes on an alien planet in a strange way and he has to find a way to get back to his planet. The game is distinguished by its classic art direction and excellent music, as well as complex level design and development skills.


Retro games

Rogue is one of the great retro RPG classics of the 1980s, with unique graphics, deep gameplay and forward-thinking ideas. The game has spawned many similar games that revolve around trying to die over and over again, to the point where there is a category called Roguelike. This game will test your patience in ways that many games of our time cannot. This is a challenge that advocates of masochism and self-flagellation will not resist. Yes, Souls player, you’re laughing now!


A good horror game with humorous touch, great art direction, scripted dialogues and very fun gameplay. The player assumes the role of witch Marilyn as she explores a mysterious, haunted house full of corpses and black cats. The game offers an “inventory” inventory system and tricky puzzles with an interesting story enriched by Halloween music. It’s one of the most beautiful retro-inspired classics, a game worth trying and a hidden gem not to be missed.

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Cookies Bakery

It is a modern Game Boy game that can be played on the original hardware and is also available via a browser. The game was developed by GB Studio, an open source software company dedicated to developing Game Boy games. The story of the game revolves around the preparations for the Winter Festival which will be held in four days. The townspeople rely on you to supply them with the delicious cookies you bake, and your mission is to collect the ingredients for your mission. Best cookie recipes to satisfy the demands of city dwellers and make them happy.

Grimes’ birthday

It’s a modern Game Boy game, similar to Cookies Bakery, but released by McDonald’s to celebrate Grimes’ 52nd birthday. The legendary burger restaurant has teamed up with studio Cruel Toys to create an awesome platform game with a 90s vibe. The player takes on the role of Grimace, a strange purple creature who moves between platforms using a skateboard. The game is a lot of fun and can be enjoyed on Game Boy Color with an EverDrive card.


The game is designed for the PICO-8 platform and offers low-resolution graphics similar to Ascent. But unlike her, Kitsu has colorful and lively graphics. The game is based on taking turns while exploring and solving puzzles in a “Match-Three Puzzles” setting, i.e. collecting or combining three objects in some way, similar to the game XO. The game is distinguished by its unique art direction, amazing melodies and clever puzzle design. You have a once in a lifetime chance to enjoy this masterpiece.

The most popular games that influenced any Arab gamer when they were young!

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