March 23, 2023

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3 new free games on the Netflix app for smartphones

3 new free games on the Netflix app for smartphones

Netflix, the popular TV streaming service, plans to launch three new games through its smartphone app. As part of its expansion into the video games industry, the US operating system has revealed that it will soon be introducing these games to subscribers via Android phones and iPhones.

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PhoneArena, which is also interested in news about the operating system and technology, has released a list of games that Netflix has introduced for free through its app for users, and it came as follows:

Bowling Bowlers
Wonderfoot forever
Camloft’s Asphalt Extreme

Netflix has confirmed that the new games that will be launched soon will be completely free, and the company has decided not to add ads, surcharges or in-app purchases.

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While available on Android, the operating system has confirmed that it intends to release more video games on iPhone phones via the App Store for Apple phones.

Games are a new genre for us, and the US operating system said recently after introducing the game service to users through its application, and considered it a breakthrough and extension, insisting that it produces new games as part of the user subscriptions with no extra cost of movies and some animations and TV.

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Netflix is ​​a leading US site that has become increasingly popular around the world due to the corona virus infection that struck the world two years ago, forcing most people to stay home, which has increased the site’s usage rates. Offering exclusive cinema and television products across its screens, the company has recently expanded and released more video games through its application to attract more customers.

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