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You might not know this.. Unique Functions of Windows Button


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Each button on a computer keyboard has its own function that is different from the others.

• Start button + letter A: This opens the action screen, which is specifically called “Action Center” in Windows 10.

• Start button + letter B: Focuses on the Notifications area in the Start bar, then you can control the option you want with the keyboard.

• Start button + S: This brings up the search screen in Windows 8 and 10. In Windows 10, the search screen contains the smart assistant Cortana.

• Start button + letter D: Minimizes all screens and displays the desktop.

• Start button + letter E: This shortcut opens the system normally, but in Windows 10 it opens the Quick Access Options page.

• Start button + F: In Windows 10, this shortcut is designed to send feedback to Microsoft.

• Start button + Ctrl + F letter: “Find Computers” option will appear which will display all users registered on the current computer.

• Start button + letter G: In Windows 10, opens the game bar designated for recording video clips. In Windows 7, this shortcut brings all “gadgets” to the front.

• Start button + letter L: This shortcut locks the operating system.

• Start button + letter K: Shows the screen of devices connected to the computer, especially in Windows 8 and 10.

• Start button + letter M: This shortcut minimizes all windows and displays the main screen.

• Start button + Shift + letter M: This shortcut restores minimized windows.

• Start button + letter O: Disables the screen rotation feature on tablets.

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• Start button + letter P: Shows additional screen options.

• Start button + K: Displays the Windows Search screen.

• Start button + letter R: Displays the “Run” command screen.

• Start button + letter T: Switch between programs in the Start bar.

• Start button + letter U: Activates the audio system to guide blind users of Windows.

• Start button + letter W: This displays the search screen in Windows 8, in Windows 10 it displays the Windows Ink Workspace screen, which has some practical options.

• Start button + letter

• Start button + letter Y: Yahoo! Opens the chats program!

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